“We Must Be Positive Over Bitcoin (BTC) And Cryptos And Bury The Hatchet If Any”, Explains Ran NeuNer

The founder of the Onchain Capital and the host of the CNBC CRYPTOTRADER, Ran NeuNer explains why people should focus over the half filled cup of bitcoin and the cryptos instead of the over exposed half empty side of all the drama surrounding the cryptos. NeuNer goes on to naming the major stepping stones for the cryptos including the likes of more lightening nodes plus further success in garnering more adoption worldwide. NeuNer then shifts to shedding light over the latest and the recent addition of blockchain projects which is the technology owing its existence to cryptos. The world has started to accept blockchain for what it really is, as NeuNer states, a revolutionary technology for people to conduct positive experiments over for the betterment of the entire human race. On the other hand, NeuNer sadly puts that the world is shown a darker side of the cryptos where no ETF is nearing an acceptance with the projects like Bakkt being delayed, the chief executive officer for PayPal predicting bearish for bitcoin and CNBC displaying the same attitude. BlockPublisher was exposed to some comments from the man displaying his concern over the picture the media paints for the cryptos especially bitcoin.

With the world shown a bearish and dark side of bitcoin and the cryptos, there is much development underway for the cryptos and the blockchain technology with the immensely increasing demand for the two.

Though there has been much tension and strain between the two parties, one supporting bitcoin while the other not merely supporting the current centralized financial system but hating on the cryptos altogether, a crypto enthusiast jumped into the scene declaring that the cryptos are not for a faction or a particular sect, instead it is for all the people and we are all a single entity; what cryptos need might be a little more exposure and adoption.

BTC has survived 10 years and yet we all still contend with tabloid sensationalism. There is no they and us. We are all the people.

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