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“We Intend to Achieve Measurable Collaboration via Innovative Methods in Mechanism Design in The Year, 2019”, Regards Chicago Blockchain Project.

The Chicago Blockchain Project, an attempt in making Chicago, the blockchain capital of the world, puts forth their goal for the new year, 2019 stating their major intentions for the entire year. The project aims for an ensemble of parameters among which include the likes of trustworthiness, putting the focus over the builders and the extreme inclination towards collaboration. The project is being catered for in hopes of putting light over various applications of the exquisite blockchain technology which can serve us in other ways too, except from the majorly renowned cryptocurrency one. Although Chicago is a place with rather increased amounts of taxes to pay, the blockchain group intends to stick to their plan in the longer run and make strides to eventually realize their aim. With all good intentions and to bring the change that the blockchain technology brought to the financial world, the Chicago Blockchain Project would have to jump over hurdles and devise workable solutions. BlockPublisher got to discuss their future goals with a representative of theirs which elaborated over the very discourse.

What Chicago Blockchain Project is, is to build Chicago as the Blockchain Capital of the whole world which is evident given the name. We with every bit of our struggle, want to produce a trustful environment where builders are given all the attention along with attracting other entities to collaborate providing them extra care and resources. Now turning our heads towards 2019, we do intend to “Achieve measurable collaboration via innovative methods in mechanism design”. To build up newer ways to produce an effect of security and surety is exactly what we focus over.

Chicago is a place where the taxes are greater as compared to other states all over the US of A, the reason there have been some gossip as to the selection for the project was not opted with a thought for longer term. People have been reported to have moved out of the state owing to increasing strain of taxes over the individuals which coaxes them to give up and search out some other less expensive place to reside.

The Chicago Blockchain Project is nevertheless optimistic that they an induce the effect of the blockchain technology in a way that it deserves not as a supporting software behind the shadows of major cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin.

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