We Bring To You 5 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Bitcoins!

One of the first thoughts that race through a person’s mind once they are introduced to the world of cyrptocurrency is how to acquire some themselves.


And if you like most people are still unsure whether you really want to make the plunge investing your money in crypto, it’d be great to explore your options first right? Sound familiar to your own predicament?

Well, look no further since we’ve come across 5 rather sneaky but 100% legitimate ways of cashing in on some crypto freebies!

Shop online with BitcoinGet

The modern online shopper loves a good reward program system, especially one that enables the user to reap in the benefits in the form of free Bitcoins! BitcoinGet is the platform with a shopping option called CoinRebates which in collaboration with biggies such as Walmart and AliExpress lets users earn bitcoins using varying amounts of “bits.”

Source; CoinRebates.com

Who doesn’t love a good rebate with each regular shopping purchase at one of these stores above? This ingenious way of getting shoppers hyped up about a quick way to earn crypto gold could really expand over time!

Visit a Bitcoin Faucet

We know what you’re thinking but not all faucets are scams! We promise! Ever since Gavin Adresen is famed to have owned the first one back in 2011, Bitcoin faucets have been a way for many to get some coins. However, word to the wise, most really just are clever advertising scams that lure users onto a site that promises freebies but disappears right before you have a chance to cash out!


It may also be especially hard for noobs to distinguish a scam from the real deal and in our experience if it seems to good to be true, it usually is!  However,  Freebitco.in has proved time and again to live up to it’s name and pays up either weekly or depending on the amount the user has earned. Patience is the name of the game at this site and users could actually walk away with some coins in the process!

Pull out your poker face

Gambling in the crypto world has become a legitimate thing with multiple sites such as 999Dice and PrimeDice running in accordance with the rules and regulations put forth by the Crypto Gambling Foundation. The premise of most sites is simple; they allow the user to be able to pay with a free balance although that is usually an insignificant amount.

Read books online

PaidBooks.com is a site that actually pays users to read classic literature. With almost the same purpose as a regular faucet, this is one of our favourite methods available out there! Especially since it allows the user to earn those coins in a far more engaging manner as opposed to fiddling around with an automated website that rewards you for pushing a few buttons and having patience.

Download apps on your mobile

Websites like CoinBucks links up users with app developers who will actually pay you just to download and test their new application! And we are here for it!


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