WatermelonBlock Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with Advanced AI Tool

Trading digital currencies just got much simpler, especially for the common man, thanks to this amalgam of novelty and data science. WatermelonBlock is the first ever sentiment analysis application which incorporates artificial intelligence and big data to provide users with pivotal information regarding local and international cryptocurrency market insights and key analysis. Not only can experienced investors get a better hold on their jobs but the ordinary user is presented with an intriguing user experience (provided with the application), getting all the bits and pieces they need to fit cryptocurrency in the lifestyle, both in the right way and at the right time.

In an exclusive interview with Techbullion, Elliot Rothfield, CEO of WatermelonBlock, revealed key reasons for entering the world of digital currencies, how investors are benefited from the tool and what future plans are in store for WatermelonBlock. According to him:

As an avid follower of the crypto-market, I quickly become aware of the dynamic nature of it. Things chop and change all the time, and it becomes increasingly difficult to follow especially if you don’t have an indication as to why things are changing so fast. However, as a market that was born in the age of information sharing, reviews, thoughts, articles and social media really drive market action more than we think. It’s on the back of these insights that WatermelonBlock was created.

With every quarter of the year, WatermelonBlock plans to expand the AI tool, the business and the reusability and user experience of the application. In depth, WatermelonBlock pledges to provide accurately predicted results and reliable data for the latest market highs and shortcomings based on highly advanced working protocols as well as IBM Watson which is the most advanced AI medium as of today.

These protocols gather data from all kinds of sources, according to geo-location, comprising of what crypto analysts are predicting with a wide range of opinions and trends from social media. The tool then gives a score called the MelonScore to cyptocurrencies, an unbiased approach towards consumerism.

The WatermelonBlock Token

WMB, or the WatermelonBlock token, will operate on the NEM blockchain at present.

Upcoming projects

The WatermelonBlock app is currently in beta testing phase and is scheduled to be available in any of the coming months of 2018. It includes a digital wallet and the MelonScore analysis feature among other user friendly tools. For the time that remains, WatermelonBlock’s public ICO sale has begun. Here‘s a link if you believe in the power of AI.

In 2019, the novice company plans to introduce WatermelonBlock News and dossier. Furthermore, as part of their phase 2 schedule, the official WatermelonAnalytics app as well as the WatermelonBlock AI bot app will be released to the public. WatermelonAnalytics will allow users to generate market differentiation in their own industry, on their own terms. In simple words, a personalized market analysis, pivoting around companies and blockchains that are preferably targeted by the user. The AI bot will help investors to concurrently trade and liquidate their assets at the their command.

Too many opinions can cloud one’s judgement, especially so if you’re an investor in search of crypto market information and real-time actionable insights. What better way to muffle your ears than to have someone do it for you with great minimalist visuals. So, if you use IMDb to check whether a certain movie is worth watching, this application will fit the sole of your boots right away.

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