Want Alcohol At Your Doorstep?

Did someone say alcohol Are you ready for your fav alcoholic-beverages to be delivered to your doorstep safely? Well, it’s possible now because blockchain has done it once again!

If you don’t know about the Aclyd Project. You should look into it right now by scrolling below. You won’t regret it. We promise!

The Acyld Project is a blockchain based identity verification and security system; and a payment processing platform. It initially focuses on the $26 billion wholesale alcoholic beverages market.

But, why the hell do we need this?

Fist and foremost.

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It’s simple silly! It’s just irresistible. That’s exactly why alcohol is serious business. There is a reason there are all these laws and regulations revolving around it. Especially, when minors get ahold of it. There are accidents and injuries, then there is always the chance of addiction and alcohol poisoning. The list goes on and on, with nothing good on it.

That’s exactly why the Acyld Project is going to bring your beverages from the fields to the doorsteps using a blockchain payment system. It’s going to be crazy fast, transparent as glass and the best part is that it will be able to restrict minors.

Yes, yes! We know. It might not be so exciting for all the minors out there. But, trust us. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

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Drunk driving accidents are rocketing through the roof every year. It won’t be so bad after all if underage drinking is controlled. Yes, yes! That’s probably something a parent would say. But, we believe in partying the right way!

The Acyld Project Has the Solution to All         

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The thing is the alcohol industry is suffering from a great deal of problems. They are never ending! But, that’s what the Acyld Project is here for. Let’s take a quick peek at all the solutions Acyld has for us!

Problem 1: Minors Get Alcohol from Online Delivery Services

Oh, damn! That’s just really smart. But, how on earth can we stop this from happening? You see it’s the responsibility of the online delivery services to administer the purchase of alcohol. It can be super difficult to do that. The lengths the Gen Z can go to, to get some alcohol is pretty startling.

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Solution: The Acyld wallet is the freaking solution baby! It will restrict all purchases of alcohol to an age requirement. We’ve got ourselves a winner here!

Problem 2: Expensive Processing. Sluggish Inventory Management. Payment Delays.

The efficiency is compromised. Profits suffer and the worst are the delay in payments in this industry. It’s just all very frustrating.

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Solution: Acyld tokens!!! Seriously, with the use of these tokens the processing of orders, national and international transactions will be seamless. That’s the power of tech! Making the lives of many easier. So, no more delayed payments. High five!

Problem 3: Expensive Currency Conversions

From a birds eye view, the industry is all glam and money. When you come a little closer the reality struck you like lightning. Little do you know about how all the wholesalers and importers are subject to extremely expensive currency conversions. That’s exactly why alcohol is expensive. Now you know!

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Solution: The Acyld token is borderless can be used throughout the supply chain from the farmer to the consumer which will reduce the cost greatly. Making alcohol much cheaper. We all would like that won’t we?

This project could be the future! It will speed up the payment processes for everyone – from the farmers to the end consumers. Everyone will be happy as hell. Up till now 35 million tokens have been sold. That’s some progress! Don’t you just love the blockchain technology??

What do you think about this blockchain project? But, before you drop in your comments. We should listen to Homer Simpsons!

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