Walmart is Going for Another Blockchain Based Patent

Walmart has sought patent for a blockchain system from  U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent document with the title ‘Systems, Devices, and Methods for In-Field Authenticating of Autonomous Robots’ was submitted by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

The patent explains that Walmart is looking to implement all upcoming supply chain deliveries using robots. Walmart has proposed to use drones or robots that are capable of authenticating each other. A detailed procedure in the documents explains the working of the robots to develop ‘in-field authenticating of autonomous electronic devices.’

First mobile autonomous electronic device will be deployed to wirelessly communicate with second mobile autonomous electronic device. First mobile autonomous electronic device will be aiming for delivering the good whereas second mobile autonomous electronic device will be ensuring the receiving of that good. First mobile autonomous electronic device will travel to a specified place by second mobile autonomous electronic device to deliver the good and entire journey will be maintained with several checks and authentications to make sure that good is delivered to correct receiver. Particularly, the authentication method that both mobile autonomous electronic devices will be undergoing is encompassing blockchain technology. As secure delivery requires safeguard from hackers, blockchain is used to deal the problem of hackers that thwart the process. Upon opting the blockchain technology, the document mentions:

In some embodiments of described above, blockchain technology may be utilized to record authentication signals and identification information to facilitate or resulting from in-field authentication between autonomous electronic devices. One or more of the independent electronic devices described herein may comprise a node in a distributed blockchain system storing a copy of the blockchain record. Updates to the blockchain may comprise authentication signals or identification information, and one or more nodes on the system may be configured to incorporate one or more updates into blocks to add to the distributed database.

Walmart has been involved in numerous blockchain patents in the past. It has also applied for a patent for working out a virtual show room. The aim explained in the patent is to ease customers by developing a 3D virtual stimulation environment  so they can view items by sitting at their home. Consequently, they can get it shipped to their homes without facing the crowd Walmart supercenter.

Apart from this, the retail giant, Walmart also applied for blockchain based patent to secure delivery management system. The patent describes that blockchain system is deployed to track the status of lockers i.e is it free or occupied. It further explains the working of the system. The abstract reads:

More specifically, the various embodiments described herein track spaces on a docking station to determine whether one or more spaces are available when requested by a delivery device. Each space on the docking station has a corresponding capacity unit for each location on the docking station. The transactions for the capacity units are tracked in a ledger, with available capacity units indicating an open location on the docking station or contracted out capacity units indicating that either the location has a locker secured thereto or that the location is reserved for a future delivery.

The retail giant has been exploring technology to make sure that customers prefer Walmart over online platform, notably That’s why Walmart is observed participating in plethora of patents.

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