VP Business Operations Discusses BTC.com Wallet for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

BTC.com’s wallet is an easy to store, send and transact utility for Bitcoin users. It provides services alternatively to storing Bitcoin on an exchange and without the hassle of hardware and complicated interfaces. Currently supporting Bitcoin and its derivative Bitcoin Cash, it has applications both on Android and iOS while also being available online.

The wallet’s standout features include uncompromising and full user control of privacy, direct sync and send feature to BTC users and added support for BCH blockchain and currency. Vice President of Business Operations Alejandro De La Torre discussed these features and shared his pride over the services BTC.com wallet provides. Talking to BlockPublisher, he said:

We are pride ourselves of having an easy to use yet highly secure wallet available for all to use. Our wallet also supports BIP70 which allows for seamless online purchases with all BITPAY merchants.

The BTC.com wallet was created by Bitmain, the well-famed company for pioneering the Antminer series and other Bitcoin related projects. The wallet features storage, sending and security features like no other. Its security features include full user control over private keys, by virtue of which, the private keys are never stored anywhere except with the user and hence, no attacker would be able to take control of the user’s belongings even if they hack the BTC.com server base.

Additionally, the wallet supports BIP70 and users can purchase the supported cryptocurrencies with credit card in the wallet. As Alejandro reported:

We support bip70 now btw, and in our wallet you can also purchase bitcoin or bitcoin cash with creditcard in our wallet.

In the near future, BTC.com plans to improve navigation between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash throughout the interface. It also aims to implement wallet protection against replays. This guards against any potential Bitcoin forks, which may lead to replay attacks. If during the time of forking, a user sends BTC to a person on the Bitcoin blockchain, there is a risk that the transaction could show up on the forked blockchain as well, such as BCH. This means the transaction would happen twice from the sender’s account, which the BTC.com wallet aims to take measure against.

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