Vitalik Buterin Just Got Blocked By Billionaire Magazine On Twitter, Here’s Why it’s Completely Normal

If you happen to know Ethereum, it is highly likely you also know about the co-founder behind the platform Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik holds nationality from both Russia and Canada. As it happened just now, Vitalik was blocked on Twitter by the official handle of Billionaire Magazine. Vitalik essentially retweeted a tweet posted by Billionaire Magazine as he wrote the caption, “Can’t tell if this account is a parody….”. Here is the original tweet made by Billionaire Magazine.

After the retweet, Vitalik’s Twitter handle was blocked by the magazine. One might say the founder of the blockchain platform Ethereum was ‘blocked but not chained’ by Billionaire Magazine as he responded to this event with the following tweet.

Vitalik got back at the magazine with his witty “Achievement unlocked!” tweet.

This is just one of the examples of how Twitter is a crazy place to live in. Celeb feuds, fights, and controversies are always floating around. Since Vitalik is one of the superheroes in the crypto and blockchain arena, this event had to gain some of the attention from this sector. Not sure if this was a very positive move made by Billionaire Magazine as it will likely trigger a lot of Vitalik’s followers. The crypto world is always facing a lot of backlash from the traditional financial system of the world. I am pretty sure Vitalik is already used to this kind of minor inconvenience. Besides, there are people in the crypto arena itself claiming to be better than others in every way. So fights, debates and getting blocked is pretty normal. These are never-ending fights and witty replies. These spices are one of the reasons why some people even use Twitter.

Well, what can we say? It’s just another day in the Twitter-verse. No big deal. Watch the scene, get your daily thrill and carry on with your day.


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