Vitalik Buterin Announces Lighthouse – an Ethereum 2.0 Client

The open-source client is based on a Github repository and maintained by Sigma Prime

Earlier today, the co-creator of Ethereum announced Lighthouse, an open-sourced Ethereum 2.0 client which is written in Rust. He shared the Lighthouse update #00 on his Twitter feed to formally announce Lighthouse which is based on the Rust programming language that runs blazingly fast and prevents segfaults while guaranteeing thread safety. He posted:

Sigma Prime

In the first update of Lighthouse, the Sigma Prime protocol was announced along with some information on the Lighthouse project and future projections for it.

Sigma Prime was developed in two primary capacities in its earliest form, information security and software engineering. Now, in its second year and performing a wide set of functionalities, Sigma Prime is providing cyber security services to the Ethereum foundation. The Lighthouse update read:

The second year of SigP is nearing completion and has seen skills flourish with the team performing security assessments on contracts and wallets, contributing to open-source, developing an encrypted messaging dApp, producing community resources and proudly providing cybersec services to the Ethereum Foundation.

Lighthouse project

The Lighthouse project was born as a result of the EIP-1011 failing which was lead by Danny Ryan, an Ethereum Foundation researcher. EIP-1011 was rejected in favor of Ethereum 2.0 in June and when it became rather more established, the transition logic of EIP-1011 was translated into Rust. This code repository was named “rust_beacon_chain_” which later turned to “Lighthouse”.

The Lighthouse team described their motive in the update release as:

We do not aim to ship our product as fast as possible, instead we aim to contribute to the establishment of a secure, decentralised and efficient protocol. Lighthouse must always prioritise the protocol over itself.

Future projections

The Lighthouse dev team showed of their excitement while discussing future prospects in the update #00, announcing that the next two weeks would be instrumental in the block validation, progress on SimpleSerialize and documentation of the validator role-delegation function.

They are currently determining the Eth 2.0 p2p network layer. The most likely outcome is making a parity maintained version of the libp2p gossiphub and Rust, making a rust-libp2p library.

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