Video Games and Crypto Mingling After-Hours?

Everyone loves to play video games. It’s fair enough to say that video gaming has no age limit. Video games have developed throughout the years. At the beginning, it was just a simple one and two play then the racing games took over, which divided the screen into two different images.

Reminds you of your childhood, doesn’t it? But, now video games have become more complex and evolved. If you notice the crypto’s biggest players came from the world of video games! Here are some of the people that made it big in the crypto world and are big the video game enthusiasts as well:

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Brock Pierce

If you are familiar to the world of crypto, you have probably heard this name a million times. But who is he? Brock pierce was not only an early adopter of bitcoin back in 2010 but also is the founder of IGE. He further went on and found DNA, and its blockchain EOS. His name is nearly everywhere, especially on the advisory boards of crypto companies.

Brock also mentioned his ties to his video games roots in an interview. He sees the world of crypto through a lens of a video game. He said: ”the universe is constantly throwing more coins and power-ups at you, and if you keep collecting them, you get more points and you go up in levels.” Now playing video games has lead brock into the world of crypto and now his net worth is as high as $1B. WOW!

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Vitalik Buterin

We are sure with the name of Bitcoin, you also have heard the name of ethereum. It’s everywhere! Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum. Just like Brock, Vitalik Buterin also credits his interest in building the Ethereum because of the World of Warcraft video game. Sounds weird, right?

But it so happened that the Blizzard, the publisher, could change that game statistics without any community involvement, which made Vitalik character in the game damage and he cried to sleep. This made him lose his interest and he quit the game. After that, he discovered bitcoin and started developing his ideas for Ethereum. And it became such a success

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Jesse Powell

You are going to be surprised how many people made their way from video games to cryptocurrency. Jesse powell is the co-founder and CEO o the exchange Kaken. Jesse started a company called Lewt which was a secondary market for in-game items like pieces of armor, potions unique run.

Jesse soon dropped out of college because he realized the potential of digital assets. In 2011, when he co-found Kraken, he also noticed his interest in video game currencies which lead him to discover bitcoin.

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Conclusion: it’s fair to say that the video games and cryptocurrencies are intertwined with each other. Oh, they make such a great team together. It’s not so surprising that many entrepreneurs are building the biggest Blockchain companies today had their start from a world of video games. All those taunts from your parents on wasting your time on video games can finally pay you off here. Happy Gaming!

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