Victoria Secrets Angels and Bitcoin

If each Victoria Secrets Angel was associated with a cryptocoin or toke, and people were then allowed to only purchase the item with that particular currency, the global crypto market would change completely.

Not only that, it would turn in to an intimate brand as well.

Back in the older days, Victoria Secrets allowed people to pay in bitcoin. But back then, it meant a small amount of bitcoin could buy an okay amount of Lingerie, sleepwear, lounge wear etc. Now it means, well, buying an incredibly large amount of stuff, in more time perhaps because of the change in the has rate.

You can use bitcoin to buy Victoria’s Secret lingerie via a gift card from Gyft, the app that replaces physical gift cards.

Victoria Secrets has to be the most ‘chic’ brand ever. It is a global phenomenon. Bitcoin on the other hand is a very global but also male-centric idea. Not because it is patriarchal in nature or because of any flawed marginalizing principles, it is just the social construct around it that has limited women and allowed more men to mine, own, invest and spend in BTC.

This is changing of course. It is also changing because of the Kardashian clan getting a Bitcoin, well, a physical one, to flaunt. The general interest of women has been piqued.

The story changes even more when women are allowed to spend it. You know, on their choice of things.

Gyft though, has been a face saving option if you find yourself in need of a last-minute gift. You can also use it to re-gift a gift card, sending it to the person’s Facebook account, email or phone via a text. So this does help, a lot. But, if VS allowed bitcoin to be directly poured into the billing systems then boyfriends and girlfriends will go bonkers! The hotness factor of bitcoin as well as VS would quadruple.

If the angels are allowed to advertise or ambassador the coin the story will be a wildfire and insane ride to kill all other news headlines of the week! This depends on whether BTC and VS are willing to take things on another level or not!

Can not wait to see Kendall Jenner and Adraina Lima be Bitcoiners! Dope right? Sounds magical to me, what about you all?? Let us know. Our vote is with the angels and bitcoin! What is yours. 😉

Khunsha Javed

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