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Across various platforms, video experiences have taken a huge leap towards modernity. Today, video content is not just a personified statement for one’s followers, but rather a way to earn money. In an age where Youtube has become a notable force to be reckoned with, many consider it an option to earn a living through paid video content. However, not everyone is good enough to gain millions of subscribers and keep them entertained. What if there was a way for the common man to gain something off of promoting video content whilst also maintaining its ownership? With Vevue, it is not only possible to do so but is even more exciting.

Vevue is a web-based dApp giving users the chance to monetize off of the video content that they share with the world. It is built around the Qtum blockchain which has fairly distinctive qualities as compared to mainstream blockchains but works all the same. Vevue will also be promoting the VEVUE token that is a significant part of multiple exchanges on and off of the platform.

How It Works

To keep it simple, you can now earn tokens through posting videos anywhere in the world.

Video requests are sent out or pinned to locations nearby, ranging from how busy a certain place is to how a certain drink at a restaurant tastes like. Requests could be even more random, much like how we post our Snapchat Stories today. One can earn cryptocurrency through answering those video requests. What’s even more engaging is having total control over your content for all of eternity. The content produced is exchanged for VUE tokens and is also kept safe and secure on the platform, free from theft, hacks or any copyright issues that might occur on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. You can claim copyright protection over your content before it goes viral.

Another fun way to earn crypto is to produce original content and set a price to it. Viewers must pay that certain rate to view one’s content. Yes, it does seem iffy at first. But wait, aren’t we all used to Netflix by now?

Vevue is suitable for a variety of content producers including:

  • Film and Video Production Professionals.
  • Extreme Sports Enthusiasts.
  • Industry Experts.
  • Bloggers.
  • Travel Enthusiasts


Qtum is an open source, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform orientated towards mobile smart contracts. Smart contracts are properties stored on the decentralized network to ensure transparency. They are cryptographically secured.

VEVUE tokens will be digitally distributed via the Qtum blockchain. The tokens will be the only form of exchange between users on the platform. These tokens do not constituent shares/dividends for users and can only be used on the platform. Ownership of VEVUE carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use VEVUE as a means to enable usage of and interaction with the Vevue Platform. The token is different from other tokens because it:

  • is not a representation of money or any value, digital or physical.
  • cannot be exchanged for money, digital or physical.
  • is non-refundable.
  • does not entitle the tokenholder to any shares or dividends.

Copyright is maintained on the blockchain systematically through a wallet. The copyright wallet contains a collections of tokens that are transferred by the platform, containing information regarding copyright, video uploader/owner, time/length of the video, location and upload time.

Partnership with CryptoSpace


This month’s partnership with Cryptospace will allow users to purchase VUE tokens through debit/credit cards or through bank accounts. Previously, Vevue has been linked to similar exchanges: Bishex and Allcoin.

Their ICO took place at start of this year and subsequent progress has been made. Vevue is available on PC as well as on mobile.


The blockchain industry is accelerating. It has indeed been successful in not only providing transparency, limitless storage and security but also commodities like earning tokens to gain benefits on the world wide web. With Vevue, an endless loop of video content creation and monetization has been set in motion. Vevue has been successful in recognizing video as the future of marketing and brand promotion. The platform encourages individuality as opposed to limitations and content appropriation on mainstream platforms. Control over one’s content is repeatedly emphasized through ways of claiming copyrights and earning through cashing viewers. All in all, Vevue is well thought-out.

Read Vevue’s Whitepaper here.

Noefal Ahmed

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