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Vertpig Adds Redcoin (RDD) To Their Swap Services After Announcing Previously That Rebranding Is Their Way To Cater Additional Coins

Vertpig and Redcoin, going forward, are set to co-operate under the crypto environment. Though Vertpig has announced prior that they have big plans for the future and there will be a carved roadmap eventually leading to their ultimate goal of acquiring major coins to be dealt over their exchange. Starting with the likes of Vertcoin, bitcoin, litecoin, Digibyte coin, Ravencoin and Dodge coin, Vertpig strives to go deeper into the market to explore more avenues. With Vertbase also announcing the same things, Vertpig seeks to operate successful transactions over the Redcoin (RDD). This is a step ahead of the bigger plans as Vertpig intends to further spread it’s wings. BlockPublisher got hold of some statements from the officials of the relevant exchange in order to churn up the news.

Without accessing to your account, users can use latest integration of Redcoin (RDD) into Vertpig for our swap services. This is readily available for the users to use as of this moment.

Vertpig seeks to rebrand in order to start with scratch by with experience and useful information too. This will reinvent Vertpig and the people afterwards will be more likely to experience order purchasing. Although Vertpig has not officially announced it partnership with Vertcoin. As the hype went by the officials got more hasty with the following having to say,

Vertpig has a made a decision to rebrand. We will be operating under a new name that is not branded to a single coin. We will continue to support the Vertcoin Project going forward and we still believe in everything the Vertcoin team are doing.

Vertpig promising to throw more information coming week is certainly going to be breakthrough, the hype stick nevertheless. In order to get the jump start in dealing with the extra bundle of coins when building a straight assembled regulation or rule.

Rebranding is the right choice for us to accommodate the additional coins we have already and are planning to support going forward. We have some big plans going forward and this is the first step. More details will be released over the next few days.

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