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Vertcoin Exchange, Vertbase Working Over Features For Their Additional Coin Offerings Keeping Bitcoin Cash And Litecoin Buys Disabled Temporarily

Vertcoin exchange, Vertbase announces latest updates in its system to ease up the flow of the transactions through the exchange. As of now, the current transactions for bitcoin cash and litecoin have been kept on hold as per some issues that arose previously, the bugs Vertbase intends to rectify and add to the efficiency. The announcement was rather short and to the point without disclosing what updates they want to include in the next version of the framework though the statement included that the recent version has been hindered from the crypto operations for the two coins. The transactions for vertcoin nevertheless, are still on and running without any stoppage. BlockPublisher got the details from the officials in order to present it to the massive crypto community.

We have kept the BTC and LTC purchase on hold for sometime as we work over some updates for the additional coin offerings. The vertcoin (VTC) is still available for purchase. As soon as we come up with the new update, we will update the public over this.

Vertbase has been vertcoin exchange for quite sometime but previously vertcoin operated primarily over other massive joint exchanges. Now that they are up with their very own exchange, vertbase, the vertcoin transactions have been eased up manifolds. This has also churned up some rather negative comments from some crypto analysts as well that cryptos must joint and there is no need to throw more money on a platform which has already been researched over.

Though the objections are truer to some extent, there is also a brighter side to this that every person harbours a unique school of thought. This is open several unopened venues when someone new digs something up. With vertbase opening up to new coins to be operated over the exchange the scenario can rather turn in favour of the vertbase.

You can now purchase DigiByte DGB with the US Dollar on vertbase. Create an account, verify your identity, and place an order in under 5 minutes!

The exchange turning independent is a step forward but the entire concept must still be directed to a single powerful crypto that can be truly stated as the fiat supplant champion which is here to stays.

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