Vertcoin Exchange, the Vertbase Launches its Public Beta

Vertbase, a way to convert the fiat currency to equivalent vertcoins and vice versa, has eventually surfaced up with a public beta launch all over the United States of America. This marks the very first platform to solely deal with the vertcoin exchange traffic from the U.S. Previously, the developers after a long duration of developing and keeping a rather low profile, opened up with a screenshot featuring the working prototype for the vertbase exchange.

Vertbase exchange has been created to withstand the immense traffic that the company envisages for themselves in the future. Vertcoin folks are striving to get businesses or corporate firms from all over the United States to sign themselves with vertbase to provide their monetary dealing in vertcoins. The vertcoin people are on to educating the users about their latest launch which is the beta version supposed to track any flaws and loopholes that infect the system, later to be eliminated. Gathering a plethora of users can benefit them in digging out much of the flaws in their beta version to finally transcend towards the actual working model.

The vertbase people openly admit the immense support from the vertcoin team, as the project was well supported by the vertcoin developers but was not named to and worked over by the vertcoin developers. The vertbase team worked day in and day out (though behind the curtains) to bring the users a separate way to exchange their fiat for vertcoins. The vertbase folks have acknowledged the aid from the vertcoin developing and marketing teams and payed a token of respect in the form of 1k VTCs to their supporters.

Vertcoin which is branded as ‘The people’s coin’ being dealt over its own exchange vertbase can get vertcoin a maximum reach and a certain group or more colloquially, a fanbase. This would ease up the competition from other relatively strong cryptocurrencies who rule the other shared exchanges. But the need of the hour for the vertbase team is to spread the word to the users to turn their heads towards the newly instated exchange and start trading vertcoins. The move from the vertbase team to ignite a discussion over Reddit is marked their original official marketing tactic except from seeking a media coverage. The vertcoin and vertbase personnels delivered their views for the public revolving their product over various podcasts counting down to the eventual release of the product.

The beta version marks vertbase team’s next move in the testing phases which is set to yield useful suggestions and advices from the users (except from the diagnostic reports the team can extract from an error).

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