Verge Currency Presents Forward its Development Update

Verge, a community-driven cryptocurrency aimed at fulfilling the original vision presented forward by bitcoin, has released its development update #5. The update has been presented forward by one of Verge’s core developer Swen van Zanten. Several announcements has been made in the development update regarding the platform as a whole.

Verge has expanded its team with the addition of a new developer in its core team named Manuel Cabras. Originating from Italy, Manuel is acting as a .NET and Java software developer/engineer.

Talking about being a part of Verge’s team, Manuel told BlockPublisher:

Do you know when someone tells you “this can be the life-changing opportunity” ? This is working day-to-day with this amazing team.

Verge’s team has also been working on many crypto wallets. These wallets include an iOS wallet, Electron and QT. Although no release date has been explicitly mentioned in the development update, progress is expected to be conducted to the followers of the verge currency in the consequent development updates.

Some separate packages for the Insight API have also been developed by the company so that developers can choose their own preferred language.

Verge’s desktop wallet has been one of its most finished product. Although it is still facing some minor issues, teaks are being made in it in order to make it complete as soon as possible.

An iOS wallet is also being developed by Verge’s team as of now. The team is currently focused on developing the views and plans to move towards developing the back-end of the application after the views are done. Verge’s Swift Insight API is being used to develop the wallet.

The development of an android wallet has also been envisioned by the company but is not a current priority as of now.

A ledger is also being developed by the company. The team has already built a prototype. Considerations are being made by the team in order to add more security features in it. Ledger HQ’s product is being used by Verge’s team to integrate its code in it. The tasks of generating an address, testing intergration into vWallet, having custom menus etc. have been done by the team. The task of enabling the transaction sending and receiving feature is due as of now alongside fixing the issue relating to the images.

Verge has also updated its community regarding the prospect of code base revision and its implications on Verge. Verge plans on updating is code base from Bitcoin Core v13.0.0 to its current version available. As a result of the code base revision, major blockchain performance improvement is expected to be seen. RPC commands will be revised and improved alongside improvement of the chain security. CPU and memory performance is also expected to increase. Chain validation is expected to improve as a result of an improved Proof-of-Work implementation. Audits will be re-conducted by the company after the code base revision.

Regarding code base revisions in the future, it is stated by the company that it will not have to do this in the future after it is completed and released to the public. In the future, as developments are made from the bitcoin core team, Verge aims at selecting special features introduced in the latest public release and integrating them into its own blockchain.

It is also announced by the company that it will not implementing SegWit in its blockchain. The platform has no plans of doing it in the future as well. Regarding the implementation of the Lightning Network, the company has stated that it does not have any such plans as of yet.

Complete details about the development update #5 can be found here.

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