Vehicles Without Drivers, Are We Ready Or What!

When you were a kid, you probably heard about the flying cars. We don’t know much about the flying cars yet! Seem impossible. But, what if we tell you your dream might come true! Not entirely though, but still close enough.

If you’re wondering how, then the answer is. Pilotless blockchain vehicles! They will soon be the next big thing!

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How Is This Happening?

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company announced its partnership with an artificial intelligence company in a press release on July 17. The partnership was to create pilotless vehicles and products that will use the popular blockchain technology. That’s the coolest thing we’ve heard in weeks! Are you excited like we are?

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Moving Forward

Investments are being made now. Are you feeling the chills because we sure as hell are! Boeing has invested $32 million to SparkCognition. They will work with Boeing in tracking unmanned air vehicles and allocate flight corridors. Amir Husain, SparkCognition’s CEO stated that the urban aerial mobility opportunity is taking the aerospace industry towards the creation of a massive market. The largest new market with an estimated worth of $3 trillion. What can we say now? Other than the fact that our minds are completely blown by the idea!

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Other than that, a standardized programming interface will support package delivery, industrial inspection, and other commercial applications will be provided so that they can move forward with the development of the pilotless vehicles.

Boeing NeXt

Boeing has declared the creation of the Boeing NeXt on Tuesdays Farnborough Airshow. This will only focus on autonomous flights and advanced propulsion systems. The new subsidiary will also use the company’s R&D. This we have to say is a very innovative idea so that the burden doesn’t go on one side. This will make sure that the flights are always taken care off.

This is how the system will work. The system will create designated aerial lanes to track drones as they fly. This will let them track down flights at any time and place. It will also include the Boeing’s hyper-sonic passenger flight concept with its electrical vehicle landing and take-off. This can be used for cargo transport as well as urban air travel in the near future. Now, this benefits both the company and the customers. This is the best isn’t it?

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Accenture, a major technology consulting company which had backed blockchain for the aerospace industry last year. Accenture is of the point of view that the aerospace will greatly benefit from the blockchain technology, as it is the newest form of technology present. The company showed great support for the blockchain technology. However, with that it also addressed a major issue regarding counterfeit parts.

A different way of travel that has been introduced is coming together to demand bold solutions. Boeing’s CTO Greg Hyslop is of the point of view that societal trends and technological advances are also coming together.

So what do you think, will the pilotless vehicles be a success? What do you think is coming next?

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