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UTRUST Announced as Sponsor for the Ethfinex Governance Summit 2018

Switzerland-based cryptocurrency payment solution company, UTRUST, has been revealed today as one of the sponsors for the Ethfinex Governance Summit 2018. The event, focused around a diverse set of modules based on decentralized governance, is to take place in Lugano, Switzerland, from the 29th September to 1st October.

UTRUST, the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, unveiled itself as a sponsor of the event to add to a sparkling list that includes the likes of Bitfinex, KLEROS, Ledger, ICORACE and SPATIUM. Ethfinex welcomed UTRUST on their Twitter feed as:

The Ethfinex Governance Summit is an annual event featuring academics, projects, innovators and seminars regarding administration of the crypto space. The three day event is set to bring together contrasting minds from across a wide array of disciplines to discuss the past and present of governance to decentralized systems while planning to lay groundwork for the future.

The summit is set to be an all-round showpiece catering prominent individuals from blockchain and crypto space involved in interactive discussions, seminars and keynote speeches.

One of the designated speakers, Alex Gladstein, while talking to BlockPublisher revealed that he will be talking about freedom. Alex, who is the CSO at the Human Rights Foundation and was previously the Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom since 2009, has spoken at various blockchain events about why bitcoin and decentralized technology matter for freedom. He said:

I am duly excited about the Ethfinex Governance Summit and as an advocate of freedom, I will be talking about it at the event!

The event will also include an Ethfinex NEC board meeting about the future of Ethfinex platform advised by the NEC community. Will Harborne, Operations at Ethfinex said:

The Ethfinex Governance Summit is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring together the most interesting minds within this space and to reward NEC holders for their continued interest in the long-term decisions which make up Ethfinex.

The primary purpose of the Ethfinex Governance Summit was to be a gathering of the Nectar community members, to exchange knowledge and lay the groundwork for the decentralized future of Ethfinex. It will cater to creation of a platform for the largest stakeholders, the Nectar community, to meet, discuss and carefully design the way that Ethfinex will develop.

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