Unusual Things to Buy With Bitcoin

The weird and wonderful; that is how we describe the relation of Bitcoin and the Darknet. Your fetishes, kinks, fantasies, dreams and drama all come alive through Darknet and some Bitcoin because some vendor might be there to give you what you want.

But before you read any further we want to issue a disclaimer that we do NOT endorse or support any of these products/services. Whatever you do is on you and the company is not to be blamed.

And now that we have cleared that out of the way, we progress…

Darknet remains a lawless frontier. Anything can be bought with a few questions asked.

Dream is one of the longest and largest darknet place. It, too, sells drugs but there are also other things like digital and physical goods. For $7.28, one Dream vendor will send you a pDF version of “22 Ways To Kill a Mna With Your Bare Hands”

The product description goes something like this;

High Quality 2 Page PDF Guide

Sometimes when you are threatened with physical violence, a weapon to defend yourself with is not always available. Your hands however, are always with you and can be as lethal as any weapon. We will show you list of attacks that police are instructed not to employ, as they may prove deadly.

Those of you who have a little more cryptocurrency to burn, $150 of BTC or BCH, you can get your hands on an extreme power laser pointer. Wield it with care, because this 20,000 MW device will burn you.

Wallstreet Market is another DNM where you can get all kinds of pharmaceuticals in stock. There are other goods as well, for example the anonymity starter pack. The pack consists of 24 eBooks that cover everything from encryption to privacy. With this eBook pack, you can start your own vendor account on the darknet.

A little fairy dust is also sold on the Berlusconi market. In addition to gold dust – powdered gold – they sell gold bars too. Payments are accepted in BTC, LTC and XMR.

But one thing that dominates the Darknet are drugs. Marketplaces like Silk Road, drugs remain the most selling component on the darknet. While, cannabis is legalized in most countries now, other recreational drugs like LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, remain illegal. For example Cannazon also sells THC-infused gummies, chocolates and other edibles to get you trppin’. They accept BTC and XMR.


Though majority of the things sold on the darknet are illegal but one can also advocate that it is much safer than opting for options like local vendors. There is more risk involved, at least when it comes to darknet, it is more reliable and reputation can be measured.

All darknet marketplaces deploy no cookies, tracking or other privacy targeting behaviors.


Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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