Unlock Your Freedom, No more Social Media Sickness or Unemployment in 2040?

Social media should not bother you. (If it does, there’s a problem and we have a fix for it.)

We learn too fast, try to implement things the minute we read them off of Pinterest or Flipboard, Our eyes are on Instagram, ears on news, fingers on Tinder and Head space in clouds; as we wait for the reply to that E-mail we sent out minutes ago.

It is a common myth to think that we fall apart because we are not having enough fun to balance out the work. Naive understanding of the human brain i’d say.

We are having fun with our apps. Our aesthetic, intellectual and ideological fantasies are being kept satiated with the plethora of apps that we install and uninstall based on our moods and phases. Everything is at our disposal. But, something is missing.

What is not there is the glue that holds us in one place. We know we can crumble reading out TL’s and go through our InstaFeeds.

We know you are working, we know you are keeping yourself up to date with the apps you use, they are more than just guilty pleasures.

We love tech. Tech empowers us. The pangs of insecurity, not being good enough are a result of being backward. Not trying to cause any controversy. But, yes we said it!

The thing is, we think in terms of tradition, do traditional things, work in traditional ways, live in traditional values. Not problematic, but, it does get more complex and messy when we mingle with social media and the new age tech creativity.

There is a gap that we turn a blind eye to. This gap is what is bothering us. But, humans are funny, duh. They see and tackles issues that the find annoying, but the really annoying ones are left unhandled and unknown to us.

We need to adapt. Things are moving fast, so are we. But, we have not moved to new things. We are still doing what should have been done yesterday and obsessing over it like silly pricks.

Because, in reality you are behind and in a lost corner. A labyrinth with no time to find a way back. The clock is ticking and you do not want to be left behind.

Yes, we have if we take note of how we shop, how we speed date, how we Google everything we work on, have meetings over Skype, use Crowdfunding for big projects and creative ideas. Yes, our offices allow us to use Netflix when working. Casual coffee breaks are a thing.

But, all of this is what we should have adapted to yesterday.

Today’s needs are different. We need to adapt to see the future clearly. And trust us when we say that future, is not the kind that you take lightly. You need to transcend, and quickly absorb all new realities coming to us faster than any comet that ever has.

This might mean actually getting up from your desk for lunch, taking a few notes on what’s new, changing interests on Flipboard (to cryptos, future, artificial intelligence, tech-prenuership, blockchain and new in startups), or scheduling time for your research on the future of things via Google. Making these transformation should be as non-negotiable for you as your budget meetings.

Just by doing so you will adapt to the lifestyle you secretly envy. You will have moved the gap between your social media and real life.

By building restoration into our operating systems, we teach ourselves to be the one people envy upon. Not the one envying. We push ourselves to build more sustainable models that we are less likely to cheat on. Yes, we no longer have to escape from our social and hyper-tech realities and more likely to sustain over time. No more burn-outs Ya’ll.

We can do so by embracing tech and the new wave of ideas that are continuously changing our futures.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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