Unlearn Your WorldView, Relief is hiding in Plain Sight

Are you as sick of the world we live in as I am. Okay i am not. I mean, the world has good things as much as the bad ones. Even though the good may not outweigh the bad, it is an okay-experience to live in this world.

Things could be improved though, but who cares for that extra step right?

Even if i could convince you and another firend of yours to make a few adjustments it will not change anything. The world has grown out to be so freaking huge, so many human beings, such little resources.

Correct? Wrong!

The resources would be just enough if there were a smarter person handling them. Peace and rights would not be a problem if there were a system.

Who fixes it? Well ain’t that such a trillion crypto question? Before who let’s understand our world without all of the crap and lazy opinions clouding our judgement mentioned above, ALL OF THEM.

Google search returns an explanation of the term – the world as ‘the earth, together with all of its countries and peoples.’ Count the number of problems in the statement. Ugh.

We skip plants, animals, land, air, water, mineral resources, fossil fuel, those who have lived on it, those who are buried here, those who will come, those who are better off and reading this, those who are left with nothing, those ambushed, those cleansed, those marginalized, those oppressed, those hurt, those amputated and those we have forgotten.

The world is a dynamic place. How will we think of these factions when we rarely think of ourselves. What about your rights, your identity, your problem, your respect, your social life, your career chances, your ethnicity, your quality of life, your consumer choices, your health, your mental health, your eyesight, your pains, your causes, your family, your own people, your community, your food, your drugs, your stories, you heart. Who is taking care of you? Who is, are you? Do you expect your food choices to? Do you expect companies producing GMO foods responsible for feeding you whatever hormones and antibiotics they feel right in to your body?

Who do you think should fix this? No you can not. You shouldn’t have to. If people were more woke than they are right now in all things that affect them as humans, things would be right in no time. With rarely any effort.

The tools to end all oppression against humanity, rich poor, ethnic, local, diaspora, secret societies, plants, animal, water, mountains, air, landscape, earth, reserves, life and earth are present in the tech and businesses that destroyed us.

We can take control but before we can open our arms to this, we need to open our eyes and let our senses lead us to these self subsisting ideas that are waiting for us in the future in the shape of self run organisations, trustworthy business operations and resource management that is fair and unfuckablewith.

Open your eyes to make peace with yourself.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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