Universities are Contributing for Mass Adoption, says Researcher Founder of TronClassic

Blockchain investor and researcher founder of TronClassic, Maikol was found very assertive on the contribution of the universities for mass adoption of the blockchain technology. He responded to BlockPublisher while giving his take and sharing his thoughts on the efforts of the universities. To the query that if universities, by teaching blockchain technology, were contributing for mass adoption, he answered:

That’s like asking if I teach a fishing class, would there be more fisherman? Of course .  

Moreover, he also suggested a methodology for universities who offered and taught blockchain courses in order to produce new perspectives and applications. He stated:

If the teacher is competent in keeping up with the relevant “curriculum” and doesn’t use an outdated syllabus (or one at all) then I see it growing new minds in all aspects.

Recently, Columbia University took an initiative by joining hands with IBM. Collectively, they are looking forward to launch two blockchain accelerator programs for assisting the blockchain startups. The programs are aimed to ensure that companies are able to build and scale their blockchain businesses. For doing so, the accelerators will be providing the necessary expertise and resources to entrepreneurs and founders of the blockchain businesses in order to assist them for setting up the blockchain networks.

Each program will be supporting ten blockchain based startups by giving them access of about $400,000 worth technology and services. These will be including access to IBM workshops, IBM cloud technology, Columbia research community etc. Both, IBM and Columbia University through their programs, are looking forward to develop the ideas of network founders into sustainable and scalable companies.

Countries are also looking into setting up blockchain universities. Like, Crimea Peninsula is taking a move towards the establishment of blockchain university. The authorities of Crimea consider blockchain as an influential solution for states that are under the international sanctions. The president of the Crimean Republic Association of Blockchain Technologies Investment, Roman Kulachenko is looking forward to explore the blockchain technology by enhancing knowledge related to it.

Roman mentioned some other states, such as South Ossetia and Abkhazia, that were also under sanctions. By developing an international center for blockchain technology, Roman thinks that efforts of states, under sanctions, can be combined to effectively solve the problems faced by all of them.

Many universities, all over the world, have initiated blockchain courses and curriculums to promote the use of blockchain technology. Even countries like Crimea are bullish on setting up a blockchain university to effectively explore blockchain and use it later to solve different problems.


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