Understanding Everipedia Through A Quick Fire Q&A

Among several crypto projects, one project that manages to stand out because of its unusual name is Everipedia. What is this project all about? BlockPublisher got in touch with the project to know more about it, and for a normal user, these five answers will suffice.

  • What is Everipedia’s long-term vision?

A better Wikipedia.

  • What is its consensus mechanism?

We have a crypto governance system which is like steemit but much better!

  • What products are in its ecosystem?

Just Everipedia for now but we want to build the whole crypto internet!

  • What are the utilities of its token?

All site governance.

  • A word regarding crypto and blockchain?

It is the future of mankind!

Some bold claims are made by the platform here. But from this short Q&A, one gets a clear gist of what this platform is trying to achieve. It wants to decentralize Wikipedia and put the control in the hands of the users of the network.

Blockchain is erupting out as the leader of the technological race that is going on right now. The prospects that are presented forward by blockchain are unmatchable. Different industries and sectors are trying to incorporate this revolutionary technology in their workflows to make their overall systems better.

Everipedia is doing exactly that so that the world is provided a completely decentralized online information platform free from the interventions of a third party. The platform has partnered up with EOS to make its framework completely blockchain-based.

Being decentralized, the information is saved from being censored by central authorities. Also, in order to make changes in the information available on the network, a consensus is needed. This makes it free from unnecessary alterations. This throws the possibility of information manipulation out of the window.

In order to maintain the quality of network above a certain level, IQ token is chosen to be the official currency of the network. Rewards are given to editors and writers in IQs based on their services. The complete governance of the site is done using this token, as stated by Everipedia.

Everipedia is an interesting project to look out for in the long run as it puts users in charge of the information, instead of a third party. Being blockchain-based, all the prospects associated with blockchain such as immutability, transparency etc. are by default inherited in the platform.

Although the short Q&A only gives a hint regarding the project, the complete details can be found here.

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