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UK-based Digital Payment Firm Goes Metal – Offers Crypto Cash Back

Cryptocurrency users now have access to exclusive benefits and a shiny new way to make real-world purchases. Starting today, Revolut’s heavy-duty, solid metal card is available, and it literally pays you to spend cryptocurrency.

Revolut is a banking alternative that offers all the services of a regular bank, only digitally through it’s app. Five cryptocurrencies are currently supported, alongside dozens of international fiat currencies. Costumers could already get themselves prepaid cards that enable purchases with crypto, but now, they can pay for the extra privilege, style and class that comes with solid black metal.

‘Revolut Metal’ is the latest offering from the United Kingdom based digital bank. It claims to return cryptocurrency cash back on purchases and higher withdrawal limits that are offered initially to 10,000 premium clients.


CEO Nikolay Storonsky assured:

We are absolutely convinced that Revolut Metal will be the exclusive card of the future, and an absolute must for travelers worldwide.


In addition to the metallic panache associated with the new card, cashback on spending in many currencies is offered, such as EUR, USD, BTC and ETH. Don’t expect to break the bank, as you’ll only receive 0.1 percent in Europe. In other words, when you spend €1,000, you’ll receive €1. But if you often travel outside of Europe, it could be a good deal, as you’ll receive 1 percent in cash back outside of Europe. Every time you use your Revolut card, the company gets a fraction of the card processing fee from MasterCard or Visa. Card processing fees are much lower in Europe, that’s why Revolut can’t give you back more money in Europe.

Revolut Metal customers also get a higher ATM limit and can withdraw up to 600 Euros without a fee, as compared to Premium users that can withdraw up to only 400 EUR. Finally, holders also get a concierge service to book hotels, flights or restaurants with metal subscription.

Revolut Metal costs €13.99 per month or €135 per year (£12.99 per month or £120 per year). The basic premium subscription costs €7.99 per month or €82 per year (£6.99 per month or £70 per year). So it is clear that Revolut is targeting people who want to look cool with a metal card at their hands. It has a brushed look, a tiny Revolut logo in the top corner and the user’s name at the bottom left.

Revolut describes their new metal card with the most graceful marketing-speak:

The new metal card is fully contactless and has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. At three times the weight of a regular card, Revolut Metal is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel using a diamond drill bit. Paint particles have then been layered to the card using a physical vapour deposition, with customers’ details etched onto the card using a high precision laser.

Potential dealbreakers

Revolut is one of a number of banking challengers, such as Monzo and Starling, aiming to take business away from the high street giants. However, it does not yet have a banking licence. This means that money held with Revolut is not covered by the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS), leaving customers with little protection if something goes wrong.

The lack of a licence also means there are no overdraft facilities or personal loans available with Revolut. It is believed that it will get its European banking licence by the end of the year.

However, yet more controversy could be brewed about Revolut loading their cryptocurrencies onto debit cards. When quizzed about the security of this subject, they remained tight lipped while a spokesperson declared that all costumer cryptocurrency is kept offline in in “cold storage”.

Revolut remains super tight on security in relation to cryptocurrency, so [it does] not give out any information.

Card for the future?

Revolut follows suit from N26, who were the first bank to introduce a metal card. But the two companies have a rather different approach, the former’s car being a bit cheaper while the latter offering partnerships from different hotels and business firms.

Revolut believes that the Metal offering is an essential lifestyle product for people of all ages and income. They told Hard Fork at the launch of Revolut metal:

We are absolutely convinced that Revolut Metal will be the exclusive card of the future, and an absolute must for travellers worldwide.

Super cool, maybe. Essential? Debatable.

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