U.S. Air Force Gard School Launches Blockchain Demo Site

As we are getting ready to bid farewell to 2018, which was arguably THE YEAR of blockchain tech, the list of industries and institutions trying their luck with the technology is growing. In the past few months the world has seen an increased participation in the blockchain tech in the sectors of education and government, in addition to the usual finance and tech.

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Now, a U.S based institute is ready for all that blockchain has to offer and interestingly enough, the institute in talks is the Air force Institute of Technology (AFIT), which is a graduate school run by the U.S Air force itself. The institute has launched an educational tool for blockchain.

As per the reports of the Modern Materials Handling magazine, the school launched a demonstration website for particularly the supply chain management professionals, with an aim to help the students broaden their understanding and learning of the potential use cases of blockchain. In order to encourage learning without any hassles, the demo website is free. Moreover, the tool can be used on its own as a classroom module, or folded into other lessons, as well.

The development of this platform is a result of the joint efforts made in conjunction by SecureMarking, which is a supply chain firm, and the University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business. And while it was developed at the hands of Air force researchers, it isn’t merely limited to them. Rather, it is aimed at helping all the Department of Defense leaders, who may have to broaden their knowledge about the blockchain tech.

AFIT has a nifty tool that tracks the entire lifecycle of a component, which means that those using it can actually follow a part’s stimulated life, from the moment it was first manufactured, right down to its ultimate disposal. The purpose of this particular tool is to counter the challenge that many supply chains face nowadays, which is the reintroduction and selling of used products as new by unscrupulous businesses.

These used products can lead to costly problems such as unexpected breakdowns of equipment. In some situations, tracking decommissioning could also be useful for ensuring that hazardous materials are properly disposed of, or that re-usable components are properly recycled

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In addition to this rather handy tool, the researchers at AFIT have also published a series of videos, which explain the blockchain technology and also outlines the operation of platform that is based on it. The videos also explain how users can interact with the demonstration website.

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