Two-factor Authentication, Educate Yourself.

The biggest fear of most crypto users is losing their cryptocurrency. It’s super important to keep your crypto safe and protected from the preying evil eyes of people!

The fear is valid. If your crypto isn’t safe, it’s vulnerable to scammers and hackers which is a great deal of risk. A risk no one is willing to take. So, what can be done to stay safe? The answer is easy as hell.

Two-factor authentication is your best bet to secure your account. It will keep your data and transactions safer than ever.

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What Is Two Factor Authentication?

It’s basically like a second layer of security that involves getting a unique code sent to your phone or an app that you have. You will enter that code when logging onto a website on which you have set up your two-factor authentication. It’s just as amazing as it sounds. It’s security for your security. Sounds bizarre, we know but that’s how it is.

Now, most people wonder if there’s only one code that can be used to log in? That bit is true. But it’ll make more sense if you truly understand the concept of two-factor authentication.

The true reason behind the security is a constantly randomly generator which generates code. To get in your account you have to provide them with your login info and the current code that is given to you. This means the hacker cannot get into your account unless he knows the latest iteration of your code and your login info. Also, remember a new code generates every few minutes which make it impossible for the hacker to hack in your account.

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Why Is It Important?

Cryptocurrency has always been vulnerable to hackers and since stolen coins cannot be recovered by any chance in most cases. Two-factor authentication is not only important, it has become a necessity for the traders. While using any cryptocurrency exchanges or online wallet services, make sure you get your two-factor authentication. It shouldn’t be considered an option anymore.

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You need to access the exchange to use cryptocurrency most of the times. You can’t risk anything and you need to have  two-factor authentication. The truth is that the second layer of security isn’t enough as well. But that’s all we have for now and the rest is in God’s hand!

It’s a simple and the best measure you could take for now. Don’t sleep on it, just give it a try and make your life easy and stress-free.

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Here’s a tip that eventually will save you a lot of trouble in the future. If someone hacks your phone, gets all the pieces of information and has an access to two-factor authentication. That means only one thing! The second layer isn’t enough either.

So, you must also protect the account you signed up for two-factor on. If that also gets hacked then it can cause problems for you. But there’s one way out of this which is that you can use different emails for two-factor and your exchange logins in case one email gets compromised. It’s a win win!unsure GIF

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