Twitter Troll Spams User For Free Bitcoins With More Than 15,000 Tweets

Yes, you definitely read that title correctly!

Now, that is some commitment!


Trolls and crypto “begshits” are no new phenomena in the world of cryptocurrency and are sure to pop up in the most unlikeliest of places but are most commonly seen lurking around posts by famous crypto personalities. They all have one thing in common; They definitely do not shy away from begging for a freebie.

A Twitter account has been doing just that since it was first created in January 2018.


The account, which looks like it is run by an automated script has successfully and spammed the Twitter handle, “BeastGangPaulers” for coins without fail, at least once or twice an hour the entire past year!

That’s why it is no surprise that there are now approximately 16,000 tweets which all serve one purpose; The plea for some free bitcoins.

Hey its the top of the hour time to beg mrbeastyt for a bitcoin. Pls give me a bitcoin.

The benefactor in question who is famed YouTube gaming personality, Mr. Beast has since then blocked the Bitcoin beggar. Which is fair considering being notified a whopping 15,000 plus times that an over zealous fan wants some bitcoins isn’t what one normally expects when they become a YouTube star.

And although, the begging user has yet to receive any bitcoins based solely off off his exuberant ploy at crypto pleas, it does not seem likely that the persistent Twitter bot has any plans to stop any time soon.

However, Mr Beast might be responsible for the creation of the troll in the first place, as rumors have it, the YouTuber ran a contest that might have inspired the begging bot.

And this self-proclaimed winner only added fuel to the fire!

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