Trump Says Federal Reserve Has ‘Gone Crazy’

New High for Marketeers?

Okay, nothing new. We have heard of it, things like it, so much about it, things around it, and what not. We all know that governments of so many nations lie, promise and weave beautiful words to keep the public interested and involved.

Governments try to be charismatic, some try to be smart, some refuse to comment, and then there is one that likes to shock. ‘Surprise’, is a sense of humor for the government of a superpower, who would have thought that.

So, if the federal reserve is going crazy like some crazy little child who wants ice cream at 3 a.m then it’s ok, because what can be done about it right?

Choice of words rarely allow people to explain and express themselves on subjects that lie in their heads. Press releases, official documentation, public announcements of major offices, official correspondence, take a lot of time and careful reinforcements to be built and published. The words, composition, stance and the tone is all reviewed on and on until perfected in a manner that it influences the public in a manner that is precisely intended.

Elon Musk making news with his poorly created and under-thought Tweets, unplanned emails by Hilary from an unofficial email address, Trump’s bold and eccentric opinions time and again, all have repeatedly made news for being too surprising, too absurd, too ill-planned and wrongly done.

CEO’s, busy people, arrogant people and other less equipped, stylistically robbed people need a tool that saves them time, energy and monumental shame. While a personality such as Donald Trump clearly minds no shame in using words, ideas and concepts that may raise rage or conflict, but some may actually worry.

Public figures and top notch bureaucrats need to carefully construct their opinions and choose the words they reflect. While this statement might have been intended to gauge a light and cold response, and might have been exactly this in his head, as it sounds like in ours; there is still room for better public relation management.

Any person in power can get a secretary or a proof reader or a public relations manager to do this stuff. But, in a time and energy constrained environment, a secretive and a secure platform is needed. We can find these web tools that help write better, brainstorm, monetize and rationalize or arrange ideas in a manner that is effective, however, bigger offices can not rely on sharing their intel, plans and goals on shady networks. (even if there is the slightest risk of misuse and manipulation or loss of information.)

So thus, blockchain dearest can save the day again. A blockchain based PR strategist can be the next industry to disrupt. Blockchain can entirely do this, the question is who all is interested?

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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