TRON (TRX) MainNet to Launch Today

Finally, the curtain has been drawn paving the way for hosting of digital entertainment content by all and sundry. The TRON network is a decentralized digital platform based on the blockchain technology. It has developed specialized features that have bridged the age-old gap that has existed between content creators and their respective consumers. In short, the TRON technology is now a global reality, the reason any user accessing the internet can benefit from the digital content.

TRON’s Genesis

Justin Sun, TRON’s CEO, and his team of technology savvy developers have studied existing digital entertainment platforms which are largely centrally controlled. These platforms can only be accessed through intermediaries who take a large chunk of the earnings that would otherwise go to content producers. The TRON network has smoothly eliminated this unnecessary cog by enabling direct hosting on its network. In doing so, the global audience can gain access to created content by paying directly to the producers.

Besides the obvious cost reduction benefit enjoyed by both creators and consumers, the other big plus is perhaps the elimination of powerful cartels who have previously monopolized the entertainment space. Upcoming artists would have their enthusiasm nipped at the bud if they were not able to meet certain norms and pay certain fees to make it to the digital platforms. Tron has made this a free for all space from anywhere in the world – the beauty of decentralization.

TheTRON Growth Story

Whereas those above may appear to be an end in itself, TRON is far more ambitious than this. It has undergone tremendous expansion in some uniquely tailored phases as will be listed below. That has been its strength, as will be in future. From the current Exodus phase, there are five more potential phases of the pipeline which are expected to go live as follows:-

  1. Odyssey phase – Jan 2019.
  2. Great Voyage – Mid 2020.
  3. Apollo – Mid 2021.
  4. Star Trek – Mid 2023.
  5. Eternity – Late 2025.

The TRON (TRX) MainNet Launch

The TRON MainNet launch is scheduled to be held today, the 31st May at 11:00 AM (UTC+8). Seeing that the premise on which this platform is founded upon provides the gateway to creating a level playing field for all, the TRON CEO has aptly dubbed the launch as the “call for independence.” As the web undergoes further decentralization and thereby incorporating the global masses, anyone can join the launch by streaming live on YouTube or Periscope.

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