“Tron (TRX) Aims To Become The Ultimate Platform For DApps” – SR Community Manager

Ethereum has been facing stern competition from Tron over the past years in bid to come out as the top notch platform for digital app development. With ETH currently leading globally, it is not far from envisage that Tron is going to catch up. That is certainly the aim set at the platform’s development and resource community, who continue to flourish behind bullish founder Justin Sun.

The TRX token holds multiple application and plenty of user base. As digital tokens continue becoming part of the daily setup of users globally, barriers and apprehensions to its applications keep giving way to progress. Explaining the everyday usage of TRX as a token, Dave from Tron’s Super Representative Community Manager was talking to Block Publisher. He said:

We have already seen TRX being used in everyday use, for example their are many retailers who accept TRX as a payment method from a carpet retailer, a jewelry company to online clothes retailers.

The DApp library on Tron’s blockchain boasts numerous applications, from payment solutions to the gaming industry, its usability rides an exponential rise. Its greatest application perhaps is the online gaming sector that utilizes TRX as a payment option for in-game modulation and purchases. Dave agreed to the notion and stated:

There are a vast amount of online games that also accept TRX as a payment method and we see that sector growing dramatically over the coming months.

The swift progress made by TRX to become one of the top blockchain projects and one of the most valuable cryptocurrency assets is a testament to a basic approach behind the project, that aims to decentralize the internet and all its applications.

Compared to Ethereum, the Tron blockchain provides better solutions for security and scalability. The optimum throughput of TRX, providing more than 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) on the blockchain have been recorded to beat the likes of Ethereum (ETH) 25 and Bitcoin (BTC) 6 TPS. Moreover, applications are deployed in a variety of ways over Tron, owing to its scalability and highly effective smart contracts mechanism.

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