TRON Restricts Japanese Users To Engage With Gambling DApps As Per Law

The TRON Foundation has definitely made it’s mark as a key player in the development of all things innovative and entertainment based. Whether it is their unparalleled pull for DApp based projects or their role in the furthering of the crypto mission, TRON is a formidable player in the cryptoverse.

Now, as per their latest blog post, the company is taking steps to ensure that their activities and projects do not infringe upon any country’s internal laws as they have prohibited the development of gambling apps on the platform especially with regards to Japan’s laws regarding the matter.

The statement was primarily for the Japanese market and warned developers who are planning to join in on the platform.

The announcement was quite clear in it’s mission when it stated that, “TRON suggests Japanese DApp developers not develop any gambling DApps on TRON’s platform.” We for one, love that the platform did not beat about the bush and went straight to the matter at hand.

The decision comes after the realization that in order to comply with Japanese law that prohibits citizens from engaging in any gambling based activities, the platform had to restrict the acts as well.

The statement further states, “TRON suggests developers who are working on gambling apps block users with Japanese IP addresses. Please do not facilitate the use of gambling apps among Japanese users.”

The platform is clear in it’s intent. The mission is defined at ”promoting blockchain technology and diversify DAPPs on its platform while adhering to local laws and regulations across the globe,” and honestly it should not be any other way.

The platform even promises to cooperate with local authorities and the government, “TRON will collaborate with Japanese government and provide necessary support if any TRON DApps violate Japanese laws and regulations.”

One of the five points states that, “TRON suggests developers who are working on gamling apps block users with Japanese IP addresses. Please do not facilitate the use of gambling apps among Japanese users.”

On the flip side, there is always the criticism that this goes against the principles of the underlying technology behind platforms such as TRON. Is this not an infringement of the rights that users of the platform should have and more importantly, can blockchain based platforms operate outside the confines of a country’s laws?

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