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TRON Employees Quitting Jobs Post Procurement Of Bittorent

Ever since, Justin Sun the founder of the blockchain protocol TRON, acquired Bittorrent a significant number of people have resigned from their positions in the respective company, five to be exact, three of which left of their own will and two because they were fired. These dismissals have been reported to hold connection with the recent merger of TRON and Bittorrent. It has also came to know that the leadership of TRON had some questionable impact, hence urging the workers to leave. Allegedly, the course of actions defined by the new leadership were causing concerns for the old workers and they acted on those concerns by resigning.

Due to workers resigning, vacancies are created for leadership positions as well as other ones, the general manager and head of marketing. These were not the only people who were effected by the changes being proposed, apparently the individuals holding senior positions like company’s chief executive, chief financial officer, chief product officer and chief revenue officer wish to depart as well. However, they are tied because of the 18-month contract. It seems like after the allotted 18-month time TRON will have to fill up many vacancies, if the general frame of mind about the leadership prevails any longer.

When Bittorrent was acquired, CEO of TRON claimed that, they were going to incorporate the usability of the platform to help manage its other project called Project Atlas. In an interview he told,

The project is in collaboration with BitTorrent, and will extend the lifespan of their torrents’ swarms, offer rewards to peers who seed torrents, infuse resources into the torrent ecosystem, and establish financial rewards in return. The project will transform the way people share and consume content, helping to re-shape the industry for the better.

However, many believed that Sun purchased Bittorrent in order to benefit from its giant user network of about a 100 million users per month. He also mentioned in the interview,

We recently acquired BitTorrent, the most popular decentralized service, in July. TRON has embraced a massive network with over 100 million active users.

There were also some who attributed the recent purchase of Bittorrent in hopes of reaffirming the reputation of previously infamous blockchain technology TRON. TRON’s credibility has seen some setbacks since it was first released. Accusations were made that TRON failed to attribute code that was integrated into its protocol. Additionally many of the project leaders claimed that TRON’s white paper had been plagiarized.

After BitTorrent was acquired by Justin Sun, the technology was still not fully operational. The token holders are in the process of electing nodes. The staff members of Bittorrent have also expressed their aversion towards how after the acquisition, the company has been growing rapidly. The company which houses 49 workers, is recruiting almost 30 more employees according to LinkedIn. The chances of this growth being an unsustainable one have created a wave of concern amongst the workers.

Additionally, the staff members also have fears concerning the blockchain’s node elections. TRON’s marketing technique has also been found questionable by the current employees, because it has a high contrast with the way it was previously marketed to its customers.

Due to the multiple reasons mentioned above, many workers have left the company or plan to do so. The sustainable development of a company is essential in order to ensure that the customers remain loyal to it. However, due to the continued immeasurability of the growth, and changes in the company, the employees are forced to resign because of the anticipated accidental crash, they are moving to a place that offers more stability.

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