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Triple-1 Confirms Its 7nm Mining Chip to be Released this November

Mining cryptocurrencies can be an arduous task that can be done efficiently with highly powerful machinery. Many players in the industry of producing electrical equipment for mining cryptocurrencies have been competing for a while now. The higher the processing power the higher the price tag. The Japanese Tech developer GMO Internet unveiled its mining equipment that was powered by a 7nm ASIC mining chips. This news has been preceded by the recent confirmation by Triple-1, a Japanese mining equipment manufacturer, that it has also been actively developing mining chips that power mining equipment. The shipment is set to be deployed in November whereas the GMO miners are expected to be positioned in late October.

Triple-1 is a hardware and software development company that also produces ASIC chips and cryptocurrency mining farms. They specialize in device development as well as designing circuits that are incorporated in system development. Other services provided by them include design and verification of firmware and parts for semiconductors, inspection equipment, marine equipment and spectrometers. Triple-1 president and CEO, Takuya Yamaguchi states on the company website,

Since its establishment, we have received support from many people, we have been supplying development of semiconductors and semiconductors related products, including development, and have reached today.

He added on,

We aim to become a group with a higher level of technology aiming to respond to a wide variety of requests for the next generation by treating flexibility and speed constantly in an industry with rapid technological innovation as a true partner with everyone.

However, the company digressed from its usual manufacturing, producing parts for semiconductors to designing chips to mine crypto in February this year.

Triple-1 confirmed this week that the sample of the silicon chip has been designed completely along with the sample board and the prototype unit of the mining ASIC chip. This silicon wafer, which is also known as the “Kamikaze”, boasts a performance of up to 300 GH/s. Its high performance can be attributed to its circuit density which is 5.2 times greater than the conventional chips. A representative of the company told,

We have been conducting a verification of the function as well as the efficiency on the sample-chip and prototype unit.

Researchers and analysts have long been going on about how mining crypto is consuming a lot of electricity and has catastrophic effects on the environment. The excessive consumption of electricity is without doubt contributing greatly to global warming. Keeping this in view the company has designed the mining rigs to consume less electricity than the conventional 16nm mining chip. The efficiency pf Triple-1s 7nm chip is said to be 0.05W/GH. Stressing the importance of this particular issue, Takuya Yamaguchi, commented,

Although mining capacity is more than four times that of conventional products, power consumption is expected to be halved at maximum.

The prototype has been designed but it is still too early for the company to start shipping the mining rigs. According to triple-1s schedule The sample mining unit will be completely manufactured by the end of September. However, mining units will be delivered by the end of November as the mass production does not start till the middle of October. The CEO of triple-1, Yamaguchi told

We plan to ship samples in August and mass-produced items from October, and aim for 10 million chips per month in FY 2019.

Briefly, with mining crypto becoming harder by the second and its increasing consumption of power aiding to cause the destruction of our environment, the need of the hour is to produce mining equipment that consumes less energy or consumes only clean energy.  The 7nm mining chips prototype already consumes half of what traditional chips consume; still there is room for improvement in the evolving tech industry.

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