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Trezor Hardware Wallet’s Head of Marketing Shares Insight On The Project To Mark 7 Years Of The Creation Of The First Hardware Wallet

Trezor was launched in the August of 2014 by foundation named SatoshiLabs as it was marked as the world’s first Bitcoin hard wallet.and since then, it has offered as a primary service to offer secure, offline cold storage, as well as the ability to carry out transactions in the same way as a digital wallet. Its unique and state-of-the-art design fits with the computer with a USB cable and carries built-in malware protection mechanism even if the computer is infected.

With millions of costumers across the globe, it is to wonder how the Trezor foundation team keeps focus intact and the vision the company follows. To mark 7 years of the Trezor hard wallet, Head of Marketing, Dita Eckhardtova shared a few details with BlockPublisher, about the company’s vision map, their drive and current focus. He said:

The long-term vision of Trezor is to provide top-class security to the masses. Our goal is to make devices that are extremely safe and yet easy to use. In our vision of the world, everyone can store their funds safely and independently. Regardless of their location, background, age, and technical skills.

Trezor is referred to as the best wallet for Bitcoin storage and it is so for a reason. It provides storage in a physical device that keeps the user’s tokens offline which makes it impossible to hack them. The company is open-sourced with regards to its code, so even they cannot tweak a user’s wallet and their storage without making its details public.

Talking about the Trezor hard wallet and its security features that provide utility to every common individual who is inherent to the system of finance, Dita stated:

With Trezor, anyone can be their own bank, without worrying about hacker or thieves.

The hardware wallet also offers a recovery seed to recover all data in it in case of loss or theft, which also justifies against the digital forms of storage. It is an all-in-one service to securely store, share and make payments with cryptocurrencies.

A series of details and discussions with Dita Eckhardtova about Trezor will be published to mark the 7th anniversary of the Trezor wallet.

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