Treasurer Josh Mandel Of Ohio State Remarks Negatively In Considering Bitcoin Sound Currency

The treasurer for the state of Ohio, Josh Mandel states that bitcoin is far away from nearing an actual currency as it lacks the features that are key to a specific currency that can be regulated in a country for normal use. This has ignited a serious fire among the crypto folks including enthusiasts an analysts alike. Bitcoin is the genesis cryptocurrency as it has been around since the beginnings of the crypto trend as it was coined by Satoshi Nakamoto. This statement is a real blow to the cryptos as the Treasurer announced that the state of Ohio will accept bitcoin for taxation purposes. A crypto analyst and enthusiast, Joseph Young rose to counter the statement with the fact that this statement from Josh is weird as his previous action opposed entirely what he exclaimed afterwards. BlockPublisher struck the discourse in order to extract remarks from Joseph Young himself.

The queer thing is that Josh Mandel stated that bitcoin is not a legitimate mode of financial transaction right after the state of Ohio for which he is the treasurer, announced accepting bitcoin as a way to pay for the taxes.

Bitcoin has been under quite a critical microscope with people branding it as a digital currency which can not withstand the pressure of time and the financial strain that the global monetary crisis puts over it after being regulated lawfully. Though there is much to contradict to this statement as bitcoin has achieved a great deal even matching some legit currencies of today in terms of rising trends. The origins of the cryptos rather suggest an opposing reality where the digital assets were used toe scam and pull off frauds over a great scale. This has led the incumbent authorities to put such an exclamation mark over there file with the name “crypto”.

Joseph Young comes into the play in order to bash the treasurer for Ohio for his statement regarding bitcoin not a decent monetary worth stating that this is absurd of him as he has played the pivotal role in placing the cryptos a step ahead of where cryptos stood previously. Young countered the rather strange statement from Mandel with his own concern that this can get the Ohio state official some heat from the crypto people which can coax him to eventually pulling the plug on the move he recently made with the taxation crypto acceptance.

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