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If you invested in cryptocurrency early, consider yourself lucky as you bought cryptocurrency token for less than $200 USD a piece. That doesn’t even sound real now. The current value of a bitcoin is about $15000 USD a piece. As the value of bitcoin increases, so did the number of Bitcoin millionaires. But the lucky few actually face the problem. Even though they have plenty of bitcoin they don’t have many ways to cash it.

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Despite that bitcoin assured that one of its founding aims was able to function like a normal currency that you could use to purchase products and services from. But that dream remained a dream and hasn’t come true yet. But have no fear, we always have a way out of the problem. Look no further than Moonlambos because it’s going to change your life.

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Get a Lamborghini

Get excited, You can get your own Lamborghini now. The entrepreneurial service had a deal with car dealers from the United States and Europe to sell Lamborghinis for the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies that can be used are bitcoin and Ethereum. Do you want to know what the price of a Lamborghini is? You only have to pay 9.25 Bitcoins which are $150,00 to get your very own Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Coupe. It’s a 2013 model. Now with traditional money, its quite expensive which is $240,000. You’re in luck if you have plenty of bitcoin. Do it now.

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More Luxury Bitcoin Shopping

Wow, there’s so much more to bitcoin shopping than you can even think. The Moonlambos cofounder Ivan Soto-Wright is expending the service to other options for is wealthy customers and we couldn’t be happier. He said. “I know a lot of traders who got in early, and a lot of them are really concerned about how to liquidate that.” Do we want to facilitate a solution to a key problem, which is how do you spend it? “HODL is the, you can say the “mother,” of the Moonlambos. Here’s how the website describes itself. “HODL builds, stakes and invests in groundbreaking cryptocurrency and Blockchain ventures.” HODL is also introducing a new currency which they are developing called the Apollo.

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A luxury Dubai Apartment

It’s fair enough to say that Moon Lambos isn’t the only way to cash your bitcoin. Now you can also get a luxury, fantastic apartment in Dubai. Power-couple Michelle Mone and her partner Doug Barrowman introduced a property development in your favorite city. They offer luxury apartments for sale solely in cryptocurrency.

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Barrowman told the media, “Traders have made a lot of money out of crypto over the last few years, whether in bitcoin or Ethereum or other digital currencies. We see the buyers of these apartments being people that want to redeploy funds from the crypto world into conventional world, and there’s nowhere safer than bricks-and-mortar to do that.” The company’s sales are actually going pretty well and they are currently offered an additional 5% discount to all bitcoin holders. Who doesn’t want a fancy apartment in Dubai? It’s like a dream come true!




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