Top Three Places To Get Your Cryptocurrency Exchanged

For anyone who is wishing to enter the world of Cryptocurrency market needs to know about the services of Cryptocurrency exchange. There are wallets that you obtain and after you have obtained them, you need to have a set agenda.

In 2017, Cryptocurrency experienced a boost in their popularity around the world, and as a result to that there were many people who were interested in buying the Cryptocurrency and started to invest in the market. Because of this, the role of Crypto exchange became more powerful and important in the world of Cryptocurrencies. Before finding out the three fiat-to-Crypto exchanges, let’s find out why is it important to know what Crypto exchange is.

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How does Cryptocurrency Exchange Help You?

Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can easily access, buy and sell your Cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin in exchange of fiat money like USD, EUR, GBP.

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Forms of Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange is of three different types; the difference is due to the changing price of the Cryptocoin on the exchange platform.

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Different Platforms

The platforms are like marketplaces where buyers and sellers of the Cryptocurrency come together and place “buy” and “sell” orders. There is no interaction between the buyers and sellers and the service charges are given at the end of every transaction.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

This connects the buyers and the sellers directly instead of interacting with the platform. The agreement depends on the two parties coming together as there are no fixed prices to it and the payment services are provided through Escrow and transaction mediation services.

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All time Crypto-brokers

The buyers visit these platforms to purchase Cryptocurrency, the broker sets the price for the Cryptocoin.

There are numerous Crypto-exchange services over the internet, this article will present you the top three exchange services where you can exchange your Cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

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  • Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular wallet service provider as well as a popular Cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched in 2012 and has a million users at least from all over the world, approximately more than 10 millions customers with over $50 Billion trades. Coinbase is available in different countries and a famous feature for the Coinbase is the GDAX ( Global Digital Asset Exchange), and its function is performing trading for Cryptocurrencies. A few of the most famous payment methods on this platform are through credit/Debit cards as well as transferred through banks. Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin ( LTC), Ether (ETH) are the forms of Cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged through Coinbase.

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  • Gemini

This Cryptocurrency exchange’s biggest selling point is the security it provides to its customers. Gemini is US’s most used Cryptocurrency exchange service, all the fiat deposits converted to US Dollars are all kept in banks and are FDIC- insured. Gemini holds a huge market in US and is available in 42 states in the US and also other countries like Singapore, Canada, Japan, etc. Gemini also provides discounts to its customers who place high-value orders.

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  • Kraken

Kraken has become to be one of the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in both liquid and Euro value. Established in 2011, Kraken is a great choice for Cryptocurrency traders. Other Cryptocoins that can be exchanged through Kraken are ETH (Monero), ETC ( Ethereum Classic), LTC, XRP ( Ripple), and Kraken is also partners with Fidor Bank which happens to be the first ever Cryptocurrency bank.

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