Top 5 Personalities with the Biggest known Stakes in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital decentralized cryptocurrency with an estimated market cap of over $180 billion. The most successful digital currency created has been in talks since 2009 but nobody knew that it will be such a big buzz in a short span of time. However, some early investors believed in the risky asset and predicted its economy. The volatile currency has seen many ups and downs with the price of 1 BTC around $10 in 2010 and $20,000 during the bull run of 2017. The price hike and remarkable growth of the world’s first cryptocurrency produced some early bitcoin billionaires.

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Satoshi Nakamoto (The Creator of Bitcoin)

The bitcoin guru who founded the currency and wrote its white paper in 2008 holds almost 1 million bitcoins.  Nakamoto is evaluated at $6.1 Billion and was in the list of top 50 richest personalities at one time.

  1. Barry Silbert

Famous by the title “The King of Crypto.”, Barry is the CEO of Digital Currency Group. The motive of the organization is to assist the development of the financial system of the world. He recently acquired CoinDesk and has invested in more than 100 bitcoin-related companies in the world.

  1. Blythe Masters

The CEO of Digital Asset Holdings (DAH) and former managing director at J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. provides tools for bitcoin exchanges while ensuring the aspects of security and efficiency. The biggest achievement of DAH was its partnership with Google Cloud which helped them use prebuilt services rather than making everything from scratch. They have made more than $150 million worth funds and have successfully landed J.P. Morgan Chase as their first client.

  1. The Winklevoss Twins

The famous twins who couldn’t get hold of Facebook invested the amount they received against that lawsuit in bitcoin in 2013 and it made them a fortune. The total invested money of around $11 million now is almost 21 times in reward, roughly at a total of about $231 million.

  1. Dan Morehead

The founder of Pantera Capital and the first renowned investor aiming solely on the rise of cryptocurrencies launched in 2013 and now is one of the largest organizational owners of cryptocurrencies. Morehead has his involvement in many crypto-related companies so much so that he is simultaneously CFO at Tiger Management and holds a board seat at Bitstamp.

  1. Charlie Shrem

He was the member of the Bitcoin foundation whose purpose was to control the use of bitcoin but unfortunately saw many members facing criminal investigations, Charlie also spent 2 years in jail and while it is unknown that how much bitcoins does he exactly own, he bought them for some thousands back then. At the moment, it was estimated that his crypto assets worth many millions.

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