Top 5 Dating Apps for Aware and Woke People!

We have used dating sites, apps, aunties, blind setups, high school connections and what not when in a dire need to jump out of a dry spell, love rut or just for the laughs. In fact, we have used a lot of these portals to get the cupid’s attention. The sucky Hollywood rom-coms make it worse.

And watching men throw rings at women from balconies and women leave airplanes for the love of their lives or the rookie to fall in love with a pro and the pro to be equally interested makes a persons mind go whimsy.

I turn in to jelly when i see those indie movies that are a little too sappy for my taste, guilty pleasures, Netflix at my disposal is six hours gone to waste, no bathroom breaks. Tell me you are the same? Because, same.

But, life is a constant lemonade and your are dreaming of Strawberry Mojitos and Pinacoladas. It is okay though. I am alright. I know i will get myself out of this jam.

The times where Tinder becomes head hurtingly boring is now ending. The next gen is here. The next gen of dating apps i mean. No settling for less.

Here are my top five blockchain based dating concepts of 2018:

#1. Luna:

DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!! This is the truest representation of what i feel about apps, so far. Although it really depends on how well they are deciding to perform.

#2. Bumble:

Support for women, make friends if not ready for dating yet, lesser taboo, no ad wasteland like feels. Good stuff right! Plus, I like my apps woke. Although this is not Blockchain based, it is probably the only one that qualifies as a bit woke!

#3. LoveBlock:

Incentivizing helps in intentional sorting of people based on what they are looking for without really revealing or making a deal out of it. It also helps in sifting and better match making. Oooo, i’m game if you are!

#4. Amorito:

Global swiping for all kinds of needs and connection building. How exotic (in a completely non-fetishy, non-creepy, non-cultural-appropriational kinda way)!

#5. DateMe/Viola.ai

They’re both okay for my taste. I just do not know which one will perform better. They do not offer something too exciting yet, lets see what becomes of them.

No need to deal with the crappy ones and cry while watching dirty dancing any more? I guess.

Let’s see which one beats the current giant.

We need some trust here, give us some of your digital trust insurance goodness blockchain! Also, i would like a dash of better courtesy, respectful principles, zero tolerance for misogyny and less liquid courage more real ass dope.

The dating scene can be improved, am i right or what. If it is as sad as Luna claims then, why aren’t better options out here already, i mean how hard is it to build a reliable database after all! I guess not if so many are propping out. I could be missing some, these are based on my recent findings, leave us a message if you think there are more!!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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