‘To Become The Netflix Of Cars, Volvo Should Use The Blockchain Technology’: Founder Morgan Creek Digital

The founder for the Morgan Creek Digital, Jason A. Williams, suggests a striking proposition for the motorcar company, Volvo to jump ahead of other and incorporate the blockchain technology into their system to become the Netflix of cars. The blockchain technology will provide the company with a sturdier platform over which to settle their system over that is likely to sell cars via the subscription. Though there is a greater upside for using the incredibly slick blockchain, there is also a speed factor that can render things much simpler and easier to break and understand. Volvo has been a motorcar giant and in order to beat the emerging competition and to compete successfully with its predecessors, they need to come up with new mechanisms, this one including the incorporation of the blockchain technology into the system. The result is a decent application which brings a car the due exposure drawing out the appreciation that it really needs and the audience that is alway on the look of a car for sale. BlockPublisher was able to bring further details over the discourse as Jason stated that the cryptos have brought with them the software that can handle any daily life chore or a gigantic political procedure.

In order for Volvo to turn into a Netflix of cars, they require a great deal of effort to be put in, bringing the blockchain technology to the mix. This will bring the spotlight to the car that will get the exposure and the public attention speeding up the selling process.

The auto-industry has gained much traction with their selling procedures and do not require much need to be displayed to the market but in case the blockchain technology is mixed up with the booming auto-industry, the results can be much amusing.

The founder and the chief operating officer for Ternio, Ian Kane explains that when the auto-industry is amalgamated with the blockchain, the outcomes is more than just favourable.

Pairing blockchain and some form of crypto payments (even just as an option) could be transformative to the auto industry.

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