Times, They are Changin’ – You Be The King Now

Enter the world of Non-conventional Services

Are you not sick of all those bags of grocery you carry to your house, looking for parking spots or driving while you are already running late and you still need to button up your shirt or roll up your sleeves? You have wasted so much time, and that routine is getting you nowhere. Take control of that life, in future we do things more effectively and efficiently. Do you want to continue with this savagery?

The traditional ways of life hold us back. They always have. It is either too late until when people notice what is really going on. So much of our routines are pure toxic material sucking us up. So are the conventional payment networks, good and services. They are fraud laden, time taking and repetitive. Leave such stuff for the machines y’all.

These times allow us to do things and enjoy services that aren’t even possible with conventional systems.

Imagine having your money to save, invest and spend on things you like, all on its own. All automatically, but spot on to your liking. This automation is actually possible. It is not only super techy, but also free of risks. This means money can be automated and digitized with no frauds, and to the best possible way without holding its hand in every step of the way. That too in an even more optimized use of resources and way to life? This lifestyle is not limited to only the the richer countries or richer people. Anybody could do this. Anybody could enjoy it all. Such is the power of blockchain. It is for all.

Yes, emperors and kings enjoyed such lifestyle. They had accountants and financial advisers handle their assets, while they only cared about wining wars, expanding land and enjoying the greater details in their lives.We are not glorifying rulers, but peasantry is not welcomed either.

Technology is giving us a way out. A way to actualize our dream empires. A way to sit back and putting money to work. This was not possible in the past, because trust has always been a big problem. Blockchain solves all your trust problems. Then it can solve your where to invest, how to invest problems. This can enable economic prosperity and change the way economies function. This takes the power away from bigger institutions and institutional structural wealth concentration to individuals. It is both liberating and empowering for all.

So, money does all the work, you sit back and chill, who needs to go for grocery shopping anyway. Be the King or Queen you were always destined to be. Let your smart contracts do the magic.

Not only true for money, but also for property, stocks and assets. All financial assets can be automated and organised in a way that the owner will need to invest the least amount of effort into the workings, while the resource allocation and selection of opportunities will be the best ones possible i.e the most optimal. This is because smart contracts and randomized and bias free. Bias is often a cause for loss. Nepotism and preferences cause inefficiency. Such inefficient factors can be eliminated from all kinds of business opportunities, making it a win-only situation for you and every person else.

Automated workings and easy wealth management systems, are the way to go. Technology has leapfrogged everywhere to generations ahead. We need to stop obsessing over the former glory and cheer up and enjoy life at its best.

Smart contracts are best understood like an ultimate vending machine. Blockchain tech is allowing real world applications like never thought of before. Be a part of it all. Comment what you think down below.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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