Time For The Rebels To Come Out

Remember those teenage years when you took all those risks for just the thrill of it?

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There is something about living on the edge you know? When the adrenaline kicks in just when you’re about to sneak-out for a party, even when you have a big math test in the morning. Your grades would take you to college, but who the hell cares? There’ll be free booze and you can’t miss out on that. Yes, we need you to find that young, wild and rebellious teen self of your’s because it’s going to take some balls to adopt Bitcoin.

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Ever since Bitcoin hit the market, the government financial organizations haven’t been too happy about its adoption by the masses. Honestly, we don’t blame them. They have all the right in the world to be unhappy, sad and devastated about it because the ball is in our court now and we’re playing it the way we want to. It’s not every day when the masses have power and Bitcoin is the reason we have it. It has given us an opportunity to take back what we truly deserve: TRANSPARENCY and DEMOCRACY!

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For so long, the masses have been the puppets of the government who control all financial institution’s directly or indirectly. But, the arrival of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has won the hearts of the people who were in the dumps while the government controlled their financial assets.

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The ongoing financial crisis, ever-increasing taxes, and the economy going to sh*t continuously was the last straw in the hut, after which the outrage of the people had no boundaries, which is exactly why the sudden shift towards Bitcoin makes all the sense in the world. After all who would say no to Bitcoin when it could provide a much powerful decentralized financial economy on which everyone could trust and rely on with their eyes closed?

The people in different countries have adopted Bitcoin, regardless of how their government feels about this new digital currency. So, if you’re one of those who adopted Bitcoin then you’re the true rebellion! How does it feel? Fantastic doesn’t it?

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Unfortunately, the disruption caused by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the financial industry has really alarmed the financial authorities, now they are looking for ways to control cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies do hold true potential and that’s pretty much why the authorities are all worked up about it.

The government of some countries has gone to the extent of banning cryptocurrencies because they fear their own economic systems would go obsolete. But why should we care? We shouldn’t! Why shall the value we generate through our own hard work and effort remain in control of central authorities? It definitely shouldn’t!

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Honestly, there is no harm in being a rebellion when it’s for a really good cause. You’ve put your faith in Bitcoin and its truly decentralized nature is a step towards “true democracy”, not the pseudonymous democracy we’re living in!

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So, are you ready for the “true democracy” we all deserve?

Maira Zaheer

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