Throw-back to 2018

We're traveling back in time.

As we are nearing towards the end of 2018, the crypto world has been a rollercoaster. There are merely two months left till we brace the new year. As we make our way towards the end, 2019 seems a lot harsher; with more judgmental glares and increased scrutiny by regulators and other critics.

Nevertheless, this will give more clarity to what the blockchain demands and will give them a stronger footing if they ride this storm with valor. As it begins to stabilize the conditions are perfect for the rejuvenation that is being brought on by the projects taking blockchain in new directions.

According to our research, followed are potential projects that might spark some interest this year.

The fate of Ethereum

All of us are aware that Ethereum had a tough time this year, with its platform not being able to handle the cryptokitties load which resulted in its existence being questioned. Few doubt its future potential but other players are set to grab Ethereum by its throat and pull it down.

By the end of this year, the following companies can be considered the rivals of the Ethereum empire. These platforms have progressed with heaps and bound and are ready to level the playing field with Ethereum.


Being on top doesn’t come easy. Companies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are trying hard to solve their problems regarding governance, economies, and security. Qtum, on the other hand, is continuously refining their proof of stake platform. It’s a smart app that incorporates the best parts about Ethereum and Bitcoin while works to eliminate the problems caused by both. Its like best of both worlds!

Qtum is a secure smart contract solution representing what could eventually be the next phase of a blockchain.

Its recent integration with Amazon, where it is providing a smart contract development platform on the AWS marketplace. AWS users will now have the ability to develop their own smart contracts efficiently and cost-effectively.


Many companies are now cashing in on the shortfalls of Bitcoin giants. Aelf aims to build a scalable blockchain and decentralized cloud computing network. It wants to make blockchains workable in the real world and have more people access it. The end goal is to be able to handle large amounts of data so blockchains are more feasible for businesses and enterprises to work with.


At a time where Netflix drains our pockets by giving us limited and shitty content to view, TRON is an answer to all our prayers.

Instead of a centralized entity telling us WHAT to view and which content to host, TRON takes away that power and gives it to people. The result is a harmonious, decentralized marketplace where people have the liberty to host whatever they want on their own terms and conditions.

The year has been turbulent for Ethereum and being the second best in the market, such a blow to its reputation can cause serious damage. Though we still remain unsure of what the future holds for them, there’s still room for speculation.

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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