Three Ways Blockchain Changed The Way Crazy Rich People Do Business

Rich People Need Safety Too

Propy is a blockchain startup that is changing the face of earth. Not literally, but if you picture the world and land as property, then yes. It is eliminating the problem of fraud, the problem of double owning and the problem of misinformation.

Okay, that is a lot of problems, but if your are crazy rich and looking for land in the Bahamas or Maldives, or any far away, exotic place, then you are in a lot of soup! You can be saved by this venture, only that it is still under work.

It is built on the Ethereum network. Propy is a global property marketplace with a decentralized title registry that lets users buy properties across cities in Asia, Europe, and the US.

The good work it is doing is that it facilitates cross-border payments while ensuring a smooth title deed transfer through the blockchain transaction. Although it currently just has two pilot programs that show its global scale; one in Ukraine, and the other in Vermont, there will be more.

The company has also built a transaction tool to automate all the paperwork.

Blockgrain, Creative advertising and Corporate Social Responsibility?

This Australian startup, which is also advertising its token sale at Consensus in creative ways, is a blockchain for the grain supply chain. BlockGrain connects growers, grain brokers, buyers, and logistics providers to track grain storage, deliveries, and contracts. The blockchain is for farmers, too. Oh How Cute, How fair!

Hitting The Bull’s eye of major Energy Conglomerates

Enosi is an open-source community energy platform that lets consumers choose their energy sources, and manage electricity prices and usage with smart contracts through its blockchain-based portal. It uses tokens called JOULS to access the platform and manage regional energy needs without microgrids or incumbent energy partners.

Rich People Need Better Healthcare, Best is not enough!

Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to store health records, maintaining a ‘single version of the truth’ across doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacist and health insurers. In June 2018, it announced it is working with American medical centre Mayo Clinic to explore how blockchain and other types of distributed ledger technology can benefit the medical sector, specifically record storage. This will change research and development and also the initial trials of various medicines and treatments that the rich will have access to.

Rich People Love To Make Big Bids

AidCoin, backed by fundraising platform Charity Stars, uses the Ethereum blockchain to track transactions, cryptocurrencies to transfer funds and smart contracts to ensure donations are spent correctly. It aims to boost trust and transparency in the charity sector.

So yes, now we can know for sure if the grandeur of the big charity galas is genuine or not. We can know if you and i are just gawking at celebrity pages or there is genuine truth around!

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