Three Reasons Why The World has a Nasty Relationship with Cryptos

All of this hype and the world is still taking it so slow?

Yes, we like to think that the world is going faster than what it really is. It is a sluggish world where a gazillion ideas are produced and not half of them are as bad as people have us believe. And, yet, it takes several years for us to accept a fraction of the fraction of them. It is a silly world to live in.

We are all in for fun right now. Things are changing. There is great debate on whether the future is utopic or dystopic. Every technological advancement is trying to trap us. Every business is hoping to be called the business of tomorrow. Businesses are struggling for attention. They are craving for more.

They want to be loved. But, don’t we all. By all i mean above 1800 currencies and tokens. Such a huge galaxy and still such little acceptance? 

It is sad. Plain sad. But, wait, isn’t it too soon yet to say? Yes it is. Let’s see why.

Here is proof to why and how:

The global population is scattered among various age groups. The age of the population is a big factor in the development of ideas. The yester-generations are not too keen on change. The younger generations such as gen-z does not have the economic power or liberty as much as it would be required to increase the popularity and success of the ideas that they like and approve of.

The idea of cryptocurrency may come naturally to you (depending on your age and exposure), it may sound absurd to some one else.

The needs of the various population varies. This means that while some may be struggling for bread and they might not be able to worry about cryptos or any tech for that matter. Can not be blamed right? Similarly, the priorities of the entire population vary. This means all people can not be affected and disrupted in the same way so it will take time for thing effect to become mainstream.

The reach of the currencies vary.This means that not all of these 1800+ currencies are reaching or even targeting All people, Everywhere.

The knowledge of the people of the subject varies, and in some cases may be absent. We talk about the people who can be banked now, i.e who have the access to the banks via cryptos now. But, we rarely talk about how they will find out about this. Especially in poor political conditions of strict dictatorial regimes etc. Things will be tough right? Who is trying to alleviate pain? And more importantly, how? Ain’t nobody yet. So, how will it be done fella?

Also, not to forget that the industry is still too young to be judging.

I mean it is a big community. A big ecosystem. The potentiality is pretty good. And hopes are high. Tech lovers are lovin it. People are thinkin’ about it. People are trying it for the gags and gagas. It’s making its slow and steady mark. Sounds fun right?

What is your vote? A yay or nay? Hit us up and let us know down below!

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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