This Just In; Twitch No Longer Supports Crypto Payments

While more and more big players in the tech world gear up for a sort of crypto revolution, it seems there are others who are just not feeling the love for cryptocurrencies as a viable means of making those transactions!

In fairly sad news, it turns out Amazon based streaming giant Twitch has decided to remove it’s payment options for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. What’s even more harrowing is how this decision was made and implemented without so much as a warning or a tweet. The streaming platform silently removed the crypto options and although they have yet to give in any explanation as to why, we think there might be a number of reasons this happened.

The discovery was first made by a Redditor, u/f7ddfd505a who wasn’t too happy with Twitch’s decision when he sad,

“Twitch silently removed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for subscriptions. They had an option to pay through Bitpay. They removed it in the last couple of weeks as a payment method for all countries. Negative adoption strikes again unfortunately.”

However, another Reddit user, FullBase gave in their two cents on the issue and stated that BTC doesn’t offer users the ability to schedule payments and this really hinders adoption. Which makes sense why Twitch would drop the crypto giant from it’s platform.

“One of BTC’s weaknesses, automatic sheduled payments are something either a wallet must do, or been written inside some smart contract which requires ETH or some similar blockchain. BCH doesn’t need DAPPS but something along timed payments. Any custodial wallet should offer the feature.”

Well, what did the Twitterverse think of this decision? Surprisingly not as negative as one might think;


Surprisingly most crypto fans were quite optimistic and have in their own bizarre and even well thought out ideas as to why in a time of rapid crypto adoption Twitch is not committing to cryptos.

Conspiracy theory one posited that Twitch ditched BTC and Bitcoin Cash because, wait for it, they must be developing their own digital coin and well we can’t have that competition now can we?

While others thought this was a ploy to support another crypto that the streaming giant might be in cahoots with;

Well, whatever Twitch’s reason, it proves that while many different industries are experimenting and developing with the underlying technology behind the coins, cryptocurrencies might not be the best mode of payment still.


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