This is How Blockchain Dating Portals Are Curbing Sick Surprise Dickpics

The blockchain is changing the way people date. The Blockchain has become quite the prefix, this means that it changes most of the things we see around. Industries and economies are old news. This means that the world has a new use for blockchain and it is better than ever before. It called dating and in a very ‘f’ way. This means that the new use is highly feminism friendly.

We love to date, everybody does. We love to have fun, fool around, make new connections, meet new people and try out newer experiences. The user experience is not changing and only getting better. This means that we are likely to forget the goodness of Tinder and only remember the sweet stories of what blockchain has given us.

Have you ever accidentally opened and not so welcomed surprise? Yes, we have all been there. It is one of those things that you can unsee. This means that the masculine traps and toxic supremacy of the male being and everything associated with it, including the not-so-welcomed anatomy at most times is really not being curtailed or regulated under our current systems, the current systems are greatly patriarchal and they are designed keeping the gendered binary in mind. This also means that the current dating systems, even Bumble is not good enough for us to say that they uplift the needs of all equally and fairly enough.

Dating is more than about the gender, but gender does play a very pivotal role in setting the mood. The mood for these platforms is supposed to help the user feel more and more satisfied. The apps and platforms should help to streamline the preferences and needs of users.

Blockchain platforms like Luna, LoveBlock, Dateme are all really doing crazy jobs at handling the unsatisfaction. They are really going to up the industry’s general love and satisfaction.

Loveblock does it by using artificial intelligence and allowing users to rate their dates like they rate their Uber Captains. Luna does it by machine learning and artificial intelligence too, by learning from the tastes and choices of people and teaching itself what they like and what they don’t. These mechanisms help in sorting out the junk pic senders and the spammy irritating DM’s that we ghost instantaneously.

This makes the whole treat a less exhausting, more spot on and more satisfying one than it is in the status quo.


Khunsha Javed

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