This Bitcoin Millionaire Nearly Kissed Death by His Crypto Wealth Boasting

With scientific and technological advancements, there’s no limit to the access of information. We have for sure destroyed the bridge connecting personal and private data with the general information. Due to this, handling fame and wealth properly in the best manner has become a necessity. Unfortunately, not doing so can prove to be fatal, just like this bitcoin multi-millionaire who had a near death escape as he boasted about his crypto wealth. Although the incident took place in May, details were disclosed recently.

The incident took place at an apartment block in Oslo, Norway. A Norwegian bitcoin millionaire was at his home when suddenly he heard a knock at his door. Despite being quite famous, the millionaire never had any security team and opened the door by himself. To his surprise, he found a man holding a shotgun and standing firm at the other side of the door.

The stranger entered the apartment and threatened the millionaire to lie down or else he would shoot. However, it was unveiled that not a single shot was fired but the victim was successful to jump from the balcony. As mentioned by Local broadcaster:

He ran out onto the balcony and threw himself out from the second floor and ended up on the street. It is unknown whether he was injured during the escape.

Apart from the name of the millionaire, several personal details of the victim have been shared by Local broadcaster TV 2. The millionaire who is said to be in his 40s had been active in the crypto space for almost 10 years. During this time, he was able to capitalize on the gains offered by cryptocurrencies. The account details of the victim confirm his millionaire status. With successful returns from cryptos such as bitcoin, it was estimated that he was able to generate as much as $11.2 million.

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Bitcoin is pseudonymous cryptocurrency where one can easily hide their identity and do trading. World’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital currency which can’t be controlled or supervised by any authority. Therefore, one can easily protect themself from prying eyes of robbers by maintaining a special level of privacy.

Users can use multiple wallet addresses for different transactions to eliminate chances of getting traced. All those acquiring genuine secrecy and privacy in the financial world can easily utilize the anonymity offered by bitcoin. Among many other purposes, privacy is indeed one of the signature feature of bitcoin for users to benefit from.

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At the moment, the suspect is represented by lawyer Benedikte Johansen whereas Pål Sverre Hernæs is acting as the assistant attorney for the multi-millionaire. While Johansen elaborated that his client, the suspect, isn’t admitting the crime, Hernæs had refrained from sharing any relevant information. Resisting to comment, Hernæs didn’t even confirm the health of his client who jumped out from the second floor. In the hearing scheduled for next month, the final verdict of the case will be announced.

Mentioned before, people’s free will along with privacy holds severe significance. As revealing too much of financial status and other details almost turned out to be deadly for a bitcoin user, one should definitely understand the importance of not revealing their wealth to others.

With search engines ruling the internet space and social media websites having access to confidential information, it’s not difficult to trace someone. For instance, we are already aware of several bitcoin millionaires and billionaires as they can be easily searched on the internet by anyone. Most of them are popular figures and one can only imagine how easy is it be to locate their residences or business centers.

To avoid the aforementioned mishap, it is advisable to refrain and abstain from sharing information that can be turned against you. If that’s not possible, then one should ensure that no weak spots are left. Unlike this crypto millionaire, one should deploy security and other precautionary measurements to at least make one as much unfavorable and hard target as possible.

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