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“This Bear Market Is Inching Towards Becoming The Longest Of Them All”, Suggests Ran NeuNer, The Host Of CRYPTOTRADER

The host of the show CRYPTOTRADER and the founder of the Onchain Capital, Mr. Ran NeuNer ponders over a serious fact which is exactly month away from us. Though this is a milestone for the crypto market, it is certainly not a good one. NeuNer tells that if the bear trends stick with us for one more month, this would record longest bear market in the history of cryptos. The last record has been for the bear market during 2014/15 when it continued for exactly 420 days. This time it has been 390 days and in case things drag as they are, we will have a new record for the longest bear market ever. BlockPublisher referred to the very man in hopes of drenching out some relevant remarks, succeeding in extracting one.

We are closing in on to the longest bear market ever in the entire history of the cryptos. The bear market has been with us for the past 390 days and after a month, if the bear market sticks around, we will hit the record for the new longest bear market.

Cryptocurrencies are thought to toggle around the bearish and bullish trends as each one of them offers growth and nurturing for the cryptos. The bear market allows the new investors to jump aboard the crypto market and invest in fo the future over grand and magnificent crypto ventures adding value to the crypto market. As per the crypto analysts, the bear markets allow the window for accumulation which allows benefits in the future. The founder of CryptoCastNet, going by the name of “Vortex”, stated that each bear market is supposed to surpass the previous one in number of days.

Each bear market should extend out longer than the previous due to each bull market lasting longer and going higher than the previous.

While several analysts continue their discussion circling the duration of the bear market, it might surprise us that the thing that matters is the percentage of the decline that the cryptos face. The co-founder of KattanaTrade, Bohdan Kit explains the very phenomenon in the following way.

The percentage of a decline is more important than its duration. Markets operate based on psychology in the first place.

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