Thirsty For Some Blood? Suck It Up on Ethereum!

Are you ready to get bloody on this brutal, decentralized, eSports platform built on Ethereum? The gore and the blood of your competitor players await you.

I’m gonna stop right here because the name is SUUUPER misleading. When I first stumbled upon this game, I was expecting it to be a gory, mass-killing/ shooting game. But it’s not because it’s even B E T T E R !!

The game is about allowing players to test their skills and to bet on games without being subject to downtime, hacks, traditional money transfers, financial regulations, and middleman corruption and fees. In simpler words, the game is yours. And, it pays. In real money. That’s right.

Watch the video below to know more about it

How it works

All decentralized applications run on Ethereum and this one does too. It runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it is powered by 1ST tokens.

Let’s break this down complication process in much simpler steps, shall we?

Step 1: The first you do it access the website

Step 2: You bet on a match with 1ST. The tokens are sent to and held by the FirstBlood smart contract system that functions as a decentralized escrow.

Step 3: After the match, Witnesses connect to the game and communicate the result to the Smart Contract System.

Step 4: You get paid!



But hold up… Witnesses? They are users that run the automated witness node. Two of them are chosen randomly to analyze the result of each match. The result is posted on the blockchain and a fee is paid for their services.

The Jury Voting Pool is another component of this game and they are called when a game match result is contested.

The User Reputation System is there to encourage players to behave responsibly and honestly and punishes those who don’t. This system is operational at every step of the game.

The Global Ranking System allows players to earn a reputation based on their ranking, just like it happens in most games. But the fun bit is that, once you reach a certain level then you are eligible to become a mentor and train less experienced players in exchange for 1ST token, cool right?

The platform is operational and you can sign up with a Facebook account as well. Apart from this if you would like to know how to set up your wallet and learn how to buy and store the FirstBlood cryptocurrency then click here.

Have we convinced you enough to play the game? Does it sound cool enough to you or nah?

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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